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Daily Task Hypothesis and looking for Word of God for confirmation

So, I either discovered a bug… or a feature… on Daily Tasks.

So some of us players complete the four tasks, and have to wait for the midnight reset to recieve more. In my case, and in a couple of others, the first task was the only one we could hit a swap out for new task button before completion, and waits for the midnight reset. The other three slots were not able to be swapped for a different task, and instantly got a replacement task.

So my HYPOTHESIS is this: For LOW LEVEL PLAYERS, the true number of daily tasks (which only replenish with the midnight reset) are reduced, and the remaining slots are filled with “progression missions” (instantly replenished, and unable to be swapped out) instead. High level players have four daily tasks that can all be swapped once per day, and must wait for the midnight reset for all four slots to be refilled.

Is my hypothesis correct? Or am I way off base?


Forum post completed. Check again tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Hey @AmberPeacemaker, I’ve just written up a bit of a detailed break down of the tasks system over here

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Aha! Thank you! @alpheon