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Daily Deals Data-Gathering Post Patch 5.7

Daily Deals on Monday, October 11th

Arena Offers from the same day

I have only 3 weapons for Blackhawk. Anxiously awaiting that kingdom’s week to arrive.


October 11th 2021

Daily Deals


Daily deeds for me

Well, a pet I actually need…



I’m pet-locked on almost every kingdom that I can upgrade right now. Prior to 5.7 I had been getting pet offers quite regularly, which was a welcome change. Since 5.7 I have yet to see one. :frowning:

For reference:

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Maximominus’s Daily Deals October 12th


  • 7 out of 10 Silver Elite troops now, so maybe if I muster up the will to Explore a bit I can avoid these dumb troop offers
  • @Mithran how many samples do we need before we have enough to suss out what you’re after? I’ve confirmed for myself at this point all I needed to know — that all the issues that used to plague the system are still there, and that (basically) all that’s been changed for me is I’ll be buying fewer medals because there are going to be colored deeds offered to me in their place :man_shrugging:




2x deeds of fire
crafting treasure
verse 1

verse 2
4x priest’s chalice
crafting riches

1x medal of gaard
1x medal of gaard
2x deeds of nature

Daily Deals on Monday, October 12th

Arena Offers from the same day


Tue Oct 12:

Acct 1

Acct 2

Acct 3

Acct 4

Lowest account is one again given a non-kingdom track offer.

Pretty much this. We have enough information to determine the following:

  1. The old errant offers are still in the system (offering troops when medals are needed, offering event key and gold when deeds are needed)
  2. A certain amount of previously targeted kingdom track offers are just replaced (seemingly entirely at random) with a deeds, writs, or medals offer

Whats missing in a lot of people’s post is their account progress, but I have enough info from just my four accounts that non-kingdom track offers can streak in the middle slot which was (at least previously) intended to heavily prioritize targeted offers, and it can do this as early as having one or two kingdoms at power 5.

But we don’t know:

  1. How often does a “deeds or medals” offer replace a kingdom track offer in the middle slot?
  2. Is the offer replacement in any way based off progression or limited to replacing a certain type of kingdom task (ie., is there any way to cull these offers out by being smart and careful like you could with the purgatory offers prepatch)?
  1. Also, why? Thats just my main question. Just… why?

I don’t suspect a lot of push back on this from extreme end-of-the line endgamers for now since if you have no eligible kingdom track offers the change is mostly favorable, on the surface, in a way that makes everything appear to be good - if you have no eligible kingdom track offers instead of getting permanently dead crafting and delve offers taking up slot 2 the majority of the time, most of them now will at least be medals or deeds offers. I’m also seeing a lot of people that seem unaware of how the system works(worked?). Those that were angry because they tripped themselves into the pit that is purgatory offers - this can still happen, with it only being less likely you will streak. Just because you aren’t in purgatory now doesn’t mean that the pitfalls aren’t still there. Worse, if you are blocked by needing medals or deeds, these still trigger potentially the “wrong” offers - ie., you can only get deeds/medals offers if the system selects a random one that has nothing to do with you actually needing medals/deeds, if the elite levels/kingdom level task generates an offer it will always be the “dead” offer and this will still lead to you getting significantly more dead offers than your peers.

I’m going to keep documenting for now. If the bug report doesn’t go through (and it appears to have been glossed over in this week’s checks already with no dev comments or edits), I’ll make a “feedback” post with a more visible title since I don’t think most people are quite aware of what was actually lost yet and why it is bad (and extremely lazy design).


Red deed kingdoms are already at level 15. Center offer today is not targeted to a particular kingdom.


Any other tasks open that require upgrading the kingdom level with deeds? It probably doesn’t look at which color you need, it just throws you some random deeds whenever there’s an upgrade task, similar to ingot offers.

Yes. Only one kingdom hasn’t reached level 15. I need purple, so I took the deed-of-magic offer at the right.

Center offer is random. My opinion is that it should not be random.

I don’t think so, since that should still be tied to the nasty personalized offer that gives 1 event key for 25 gems.

@rbchaffe technically you need deeds to forge the books. The need of colored deeds didn’t stop at 15.

Good point. Considering there is no method for grinding deeds, or even writs, I’ll take today’s offer in the middle, too.

There seem to be at least three different cases here. Screenshots from further up:




Doing some guessing:

  • Open “upgrade to 13” task → random deed offer
  • Open “upgrade to 16” task → imperial deed offer (rare) or kingdom helper (frequent)

The officials mentioned in the past they consider imperial deeds too valuable to hand out whenever one of your kingdoms is blocked, so this might be some kind of compromise.

The level where you get the event key is cursed. The chance of getting deeds is higher without the event key offer blocking it.

I don’t think the deeds correspond to a particular open task; that’s just the standard description whenever the offers appear. All the personalized offers seem to be of the form ‘Help [KINGDOM] towards Power Level [LEVEL].’

You might be right, it’s difficult to tell for sure though. To analyze this we’d really need to see the offered deals along with all 3 x 34 kingdoms tasks that are being worked on, at least a few hundred times. Ah, the good old days where Sirrian would pop in and talk about technical details like these…