Cursed Gnomes

I still don’t understand why I’m still getting VKs for CG drops. How hard is it to remove VKs from CG’s drop table unless the vault event determines whether or not you get a VK before looking at the individual gnome’s drop table???

It would appear that the silence/dodge policy applies to the new mods too. :roll_eyes:

It is now ‘forward’, and this is still not true: does the mislead/lie policy apply to the new mods too?

It’s weekend now, so we have a couple of days to confirm whether the TGIF policy also applies.
:blush: :vulcan_salute:

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Like it matters what we say here. They are gone for at least the christmas holiday & probably till next year. Expect the silence to continue. Anything that nerfs player resources is not important.


I’ve only seen 6 all day. 2 of those dropped a vault key instead of a gnome poo and 1 faffed off before I could kill it :pensive:

Tossing a coin onto the “Cursed Gnome dropped a Vault Key” pile; I just had one happen to me in a GaP.

And: it’s laughable at this point, no? OF COURSE it’s not fixed; OF COURSE their communication was – and let’s be kind here – misleading. Nobody trusts anybody now and we’re all very tired.

I can’t even find ANY gnomes during this supposed gnome event…

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Xbox here, several players have reported getting VKs still from CGs.

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I went through a LONG spell - including 5 rounds of lev12 explore without seeing a gnome of any kind - they finally started to come when I went back to lev 1 fast

Cursed gnomes have dropped VKs for me twice so far.

I’ve had a couple of vk’s (never thought I’d moan about that lol)…however I am getting plenty of cursed gnomes pop up, both in and out of GaPs so at least that’s something.

So which gnome did have Vault Keys removed from its drop table…? :laughing::ok_hand:

Surely they had to have flipped some switch to make the claim at all. So which one was it?

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Wait so there was an update to specifically remove vault keys from the cursed gnome drop table, and people are still getting vault keys?

Just wow.

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“It worked when we tested it but not on the live servers…”

It’s not the first time they said they had implemented or fixed something without actually implementing or fixing said thing.

To be fair to the semantics athletes at 505, they didn’t state a timeframe for the change.

"Checkmate, nerds :clown_face: "?


My guess is that the boost of VK from the Vault Event overwrote the “no VK for Cursed Gnome”.

I got 15+ CG in GaP and none of them gave a VK, but I got twice a VK from CG outside of a GaP.

My first Cursed Gnome in GaP did give a Vault Key, so.

Not sure what exactly’s going on, but happy that (at least) the appearance rate does seem boosted.

Also wondering how deep is their testing, I haven’t seen a vault key drop yet and there has been approx 30 cg in GAP for me, so as a quick tester I’d say working as intended :thinking:

Bold of you to assume they have testing.


Well I had a few beers before writing that… :joy:


Today’s Cursed Gnome/Rune numbers:

Fights CG Runes
44 1 10
63 1 12
178 1 12
2 1 10
1 1 14
9 1 13
9 1 10
108 1 11
13 1 15
14 1 11
101 1 10
15 1 10
53 1 14
21 1 12
20 1 15
64 1 0
4 1 10
44 1 11
249 1 0
132 1 11
11 1 10
AVERAGE 55 10,5
TOTAL 1155 21 221