Current Game State = Name Change to Skulls of War

Seriously, you guys should change the name of this games to “Skulls
of War”.

It’s all about the skulls, bout the skulls, bout the skull,
no magic!

I realize that the devs are aware of this and are aware that
True Damage is too overpowered and plan to nerf it but I want to point out
something more fundamental about the direction the game has changed.

About 3 updates backs there was a minor change in the rate
of skull drops. Prior to that, players mostly relied on direct damage caused by
casting card spells.

The game was slower, it played more like a game of chess. A
game was more like a war of attrition where one had to cast several cards to
wear and enemy’s cards down. At this point it’s all about gaining enough mana
to set off massive overpowered strikes that can wipe out the whole board; like
Sheggra or Bone Dragon.

Those skulls are so over advantaged that I myself have been using them for
weeks. A few comments;

It’s not super common but there have been
several times when the game opened with a few lucky four matches, and I managed
to chain attacks and literal win without the opponent getting a single turns.

There have been other times when after setting
up a combo of Heart of Sheggra and Sheggra, I have managed to wipe out all four
cards of my enemy in a single turn.

There have been other times when skull drop rate
was so high that I managed to devastate the enemy’s cards without even casting
a single spell.

Sometimes in an unlucky match, the AI will cast
a skull spam and wipe out my whole team. The whole skull spamming thing makes
the game all about luck and less about strategy.

Back three updates ago, card spells that could do 9 to 14
points of direct damage were scary as hell i.e. Paladin, Avina and even Dwarf
Lord. Now I NEVER see these cards at all. Why would anyone use them when a
supped up Goblin, Centaur or Glade Warden can do 23 points of damage and two of
them can ignore armor! And now that troops have much more health and armor,
those spells are way underpowered.

Back three or four updates ago when the skull drop rate
changed, there were people complaining because there were random three skull
drops or many times skulls drops that would set up the opponent to match skulls
on the next turn. This is when you implemented the fix to reduce the AI’s lucky
drop rate.

Now I never even see any exploders being used at all. They
use to be so common four updates ago. They were some of the best card. But the
higher the rate of skull drops the more likely using an exploder will set up
the AI to hit you with skull matches next turn. At this point exploder is way too
dangerous to use with a Glade Warden or Centaur on top.

Honestly, I just liked the game better when there were fewer
skull drops and the game played more like chess.

More than half of the cards are direct damage magic cards
and they are all so underpowered now, you don’t see them anymore.

Of course this is because with the last update, cards armor,
health and skull damaged significantly increased while the damage from direct damage
spells stayed the same since magic wasn’t upgraded at all.


Hell, here is a great alternate game that would be super
fun! Make a PVP Area Mini-game with NO SKULLS AND NO SKULL CASTERS. Make an
arena with no skulls at all, all damage spells and it would create a whole
different game experience and give some meaning to so many cards that are at
this point meaningless.

Anyways, I really did like the way the games played better
prior to the last three updates. It was a completely different game. It had
much more variety. It felt a lot more strategic. The troop cards were much more
balanced than they are now.

I realize you aren’t going to revert the game back of course
but it sure would be nice to move back the direction of making it feel more
like the original game.


Great post, lots of thought there. I really agree with the sentiment - this evolved state of the game really saddens me.

One thing that’d really help solve this would be a re-balancing of the stats to be back in line with a few versions ago. At level 15, troop cards all felt different. Now with kingdom bonuses (smaller part of the problem) and ascension and levels up to 20 (biggest part of the problem), all cards really feel the same.

Getting the Magic stat back up in line with the others will help. Power creep is inevitable in any TCG or game like this (no one is going to pay money or spend time to see their cards’ numbers go down, even if this would be the best thing for the game). But so far the creep hit the other stats and not Magic. So a rebalance of each troop, and the kingdom bonuses (Darkstone’s recent change was a great step in the right direction) is needed… let’s get the troops stats back in the proportions they were at lv15 as much as we can…

Otherwise right now all cards kinda feel the same. The only spells worth casting either make skulls, or charge up the things that make skulls. All my troops have about 25 Life and Armour and about 23 Attack. The only difference in gameplay is whether they get TrueShot or not. Oh, the art varies a bit…

On the SUGGESTION: interesting idea, though that would take too much coding I think - a similar (simpler) game would be to set all damage from skulls to zero (they still drop, but matching them wastes a turn, or perhaps gifts you resources instead of dealing damage). This achieves a similar (spell damage only) state of the game, but is likely easier for the devs to do.

Agree in some ways I preferred the game a few versions ago… I miss Exploders… and miss legendary troops being scary (rather than the weakest troops with traits you’ll never unlock and spells that take longest to charge)… but then even the nostalgia is not what it was…


I agree with this post as well. Experimentation with troop is gone now since magic is practically worthless.

I miss explodes as well. I miss team variety.

I love the idea of a skull-less mode!

I thoroughly agree too. I have recently been banging on about this in various posts. We are being deprived of the option to field diverse teams using cards that don’t involve skulls etc (as described above ) It is very frustrating and limits my enjoyment of this game.

One thing that bugged me especially is the Fortress Gate suddenly dealing damage due to increased attack stats via kingdom bonus and ascension. Sure, story-wise the Fortress Gate could be manned and fight back, but come on. It was meant to take some time be worn down, not fight.

What I think could be done about kingdom bonus is this: Dont make kingdoms give specific stats - instead of a kingdom giving +1 att/life/armor/magic - make them give you a ‘Stat point’ at level 10 and a second ‘Stat point’ at power level 5. Now for each troop those ‘Stat points’ should mean something different. A Fortress Gate should mostly gain armor and life from this, while a caster should gain a mixture of all stats with some more magic bonus, a warrior like troop should get a mixture of all stats with some more attack bonus.

I see that this would drastically increase the difficulty of understanding the game mechanics if every troop would get different stat bonuses via kingdom leveling and you would need to see the bonus before hand for the range of stat bonus 1-40, so I’m not sure this would be the best way to deal with that problem. And it would also need to rethink the stat bonus via Kingdom bonus for every single troop.

Combine this with not giving every troop past level 15 the same stat bonus for ascension and level up.


I completely agree as well. The only spells that are still relevant are those that either create skulls or create/change gem colors to power other troops…

That’s an excellent idea! But seems rather hard to implement… @Shimrra what do you think?

I agree with this post as well.

I’m not entirely sure I follow.

This is the part that worries me.

I mean, that’s saying that kingdom #1 gives Abhorath attack, Acolyte life, Alastair armor, Alchemist life or magic, and so on for every single troop. And then repeat x20. Or worse, if its more complicated - and we have kingdoms like Adana just leaning on armor but in special cases it will give a different stat… I don’t know.

Furthermore, making kingdoms no longer give a precise bonus means there is no longer any reason to level a specific kingdom - i.e. everyone wants Karakoth and Darkstone for magic.

Now what might be easier - albeit still complicated - is adjusting the amount of stats from ascending troops and from leveling from 15 to 20. Because that seems to be another area where things have gone all… boring. Carnex and Skeleton ought to go back to having loads more armor… that sort of thing. Troops have no real identity stat-wise now.

More importantly, unlike the kingdom bonuses, those stats are actually supposed to be tied to the individual troops. Adana is just meant to be armor for everyone.

Great post, definitely a lot of thought put into it.

I agree with the general consensus of troops now being really similar in stats due to Ascension. I would certainly like to see troop stats varied to fit the styles/themes that already exists, with undead and construct troops having high armour, caster types having higher magic and relatively lower other stats etc.

I really like the idea of having these stat adjustments take place by utilising the kingdom upgrade system that’s already in place, and I think it could be done while maintaining the characteristics of Adana’s “armour all the things” policy.

There’s currently a baseline of 1 Magic = 2 Attack = 4 Life/Armour in place already. (I think this is slightly unbalanced at the moment at possibly contributing to the current "underwhelming Magic/overwhelming Attack issues, but that’s another topic of its own.) I would assume most folks max Darkstone and Karakoth first for the +Magic bonus, possibly because it gives “best value”, and then do the Attack granting kingdoms before doing the rest. By adding in a new “+stat” value (I’ll use the term “Training” for reference but it could easily be called Power, Influence, Aptitude, Focus, Strength, Charge …), it could be plausible to add variety to troops while bringing the relative kingdom values closer together.

Each kingdom that currently gives Attack at level 10 could have +2 Training points assigned to it (as part of the current Kingdom powers or at level 10?) while the current Life and Armour granting kingdoms could receive +3 points, making each kingdom worth the same in stat value.

Each individual troop could be assigned Training:Magic or Training:Armour, or whatever fits their style, and granted additional stat points relative to the baseline, to add variety to troop stats.

There would be an obvious problem with Training:Attack using the above values but as I mention above, I believe the Magic:Attack ratio is currently out of sync. Adding in training points as mentioned above would add 49 training points, which is good for 24 Attack - not clever! If the ratio was adjusted to 1 Magic = 1 Attack = 2 Life/Armour, (for example) each Life/Armour granting kingdom would gain +1 Training and +Attack kingdoms would receive zero. This would result in 13 Training points currently, good for 6-7 Attack. Each new Kingdom that is introduced would generate either 0 or 2 additional Training points. If Training points got out of control, Kingdoms like Adana could grant 3 Armour instead!

I’ve let my imagination run away with me there, so I’ll stop for now :stuck_out_tongue: and finish on agreeing with the need for more varied troop stats, a reduction somehow of Attack/skull values and an increase in value of Magic using troops.

I totally disapprove of this method. Points for thinking up an alternative, but I think it is just a tad over complicated.

A rebalance of the stats from the ascension levels is needed first and foremost, and probably In the works.

Magic needs to matter again!


That could totally work. In fact, I would love to play a game with no skull damage as a variation!

Although, I don’t think coding for no skulls to drop would be as complicated as creating a whole new mini-game from scratch.

It wouldn’t be that hard to code no skull drops. It wouldn’t be too hard to code that any skulls placed by skull spammers, disappear before skulls match and do damage.

Zero skull damage works though.

A huge part of that problem seems to be very specific to bone dragon, sheggra and keeper of souls though.
Skeleton (ironically the one recently nerfed skull spawner) rarely if ever produces situations that lead to rightout destruction of the enemy team.
More often than not it produces just a 3 skull match and leaves another for the opponent, while Bone Dragon/Sheggra is a close to 100% wipeout of enemy troop number one with more skulls to match to keep destroying troop number 2 or even 3 in many cases.
They are easily the most powerfull troops in the game right now in my humble opinion, but apparently their level of power is accepted in the community and i as a newer member of it dare not shout for a nerf…but it is a fact that most of my games resolve around avoiding BD/Sheggra/Kos to ever get to full mana before anything else.
Even the much discussed true shot troops are much much less dangerous if they are not backed up by one of these three troops(which is almsot allways the case though).

I’ve been tracking this wit my personal team. roughly 80% of the time I cast skeleton it leads to killing 3 or more of my opponents creatures. I do have keeper of souls in the team as well but he factors into this quite a bit less. The real culprit seems to be green slime who is a perfect shell with valkyrie and with the recent changes valkyrie is a required troop unless you feel like being absurdly slow in soul farming. The nerf to the skeleton mana was so minor I didn’t even realize it until I read it randomly here. It just forces more skeleton casts over keeper casts.

But I think the issue is that we are forced to use valkyrie now which means we have to find something that works with valkyrie. Perfect shells are green slime because it has pretty hefty stats to start it boosts its own stats and in some situations boosts them to absurd levels. Slime powers purple so with true shot or without it that leads to bone dragon skeleton and keeper as the obvious choices. My console team might work with a mythic behemoth having 9 damage but that’s still rough in some matches. The other obvious choice is sheggras heart and sheggra. I’m forced to make less than 20 souls or 75-130 by running valkyrie and I need a ton of souls so it’s a very limiting choice. The game on vip 10 is how it should be standard. I can’t imagine gathering souls without my vip bonus.

“The game on vip 10 is how it should be standard. I can’t imagine gathering souls without my vip bonus.”

How much did it cost you to get to VIP 10?

I spent $100.00 on this game and I’m only VIP 4.

I just can’t fathom spending $500.00 on a game like this when you can get a major production like GTA Online or Witcher 4 for $60.00 when they come out or wait until they go on sale and get them for $30.00.

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I think vip 10 is something like 790$.

Ok you are right, i should have specified that i meant the troop on its own and not activated on a prepared board.
It isn’t really the skeleton that should be credited for it though, when you prepared the board beforehand by masscascades, if thats the case, Aziris could be just as dangerous :wink:

Filling the board with skulls via masscascades by transformer combos also isn’t something the AI does, what it does though is activating BD/Sheggra/KoS once they are full with the very same result.

This is incorrect.


I never understood this sentiment, you dont have to pay anything to get along in this game. I started a few days before 1.08 hit and never felt like i needed to buy stuff, though i did get the 15/15 gemdeal to get my armor quicker. Questreward troops are perfectly fine to play at a reasonable positive winrate.

People are lazy gits, so they migrate to easy and fast win teams, it is like that in all games.
But there is also still a huge amount of troop compositions that work perfectely fine and that win just as often.
If anything traits make several troops useful that were less usefull before.

Yes there are some outlier traits that are too strong, most notably trueshot (skulldamage of that troop is true damage) and agile (troop has a 30% chance to evade skulldamage completely) and some seem too weak(buff leader plx! jk…but please do), but regular balance adjustments are a part of every game.

Several true legendaries(not just ascended ones) are still greatly in use, i rarely fight teams without a true legendary.

I think around 800 I don’t really know.

I could buy those games too but honestly never been a fan of GTA and haven’t looked into the witcher. I’ve got games that aren’t even opened though. I just buy what I think I’ll enjoy and hope I get time to play between work and dating. Doesn’t always work out that way.

No more than it already is. Console is actually much better off in this regard than the app thank to absurdly easy gems from daily tasks. Seriously change your armor gives you 10 gems and you can get it multiple times in a row and then there is the level a troop to 10 get 500 souls and 15 for 1500 souls which makes troop leveling super easy.

95% of troops on the console are already worthless it’s just not new enough for you to realize it. Once you hit level 200+ you’ll run into nothing but the same teams over and over again and the small amount of variety you meet will either be terrible design or it will be designed to annoy you. For example I often run 3 brian prismatic orb. If brian’s get lucky ( pun intended) then the AI can cast orb and get 20 30 40 50 etc… gems per cast giving it infinite turns. There is more variety on the app right now from my experience but you don’t have a good source of souls like the console with tasks so you’re forced to play valkyrie teams. But you really should run valkyrie on the console too.

You don’t play it but you’re making a lot of statements about it as if you know first hand. If you’re reading forum posts and thinking you know you should realize that people complain at change good or bad. This is a highly casual game with a large casual player base and casual players are notorious for complain first play second.

It gives skull damage for a troop true damage so it bypasses armor. It’s nice but it’s not required.

Very very very untrue. Gloom lead abhorrath sheggra keeper of souls all get a ton of play and that is true of the console too at higher levels. It’s harder to trait them out but a fully traited gloom leaf is difficult to take down. There are other options to counter the so called overpowered teams too but again people complain first then adjust.

5 can currently be raised to 10. Raising with gold isn’t as good as you would think. If you have everything maxed out level 15 currently you’ll still need 600k gold plus 120 roughly per new kingdom released. This cripples guild donations for a time. It’s interesting that you’re excited about one of the worst additions. Also with it comes very different bonus system that is where the power creep starts.

The game is a grind now and when it changes. Doesn’t really change much other than what you grind for.

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