Crimson Dawn

:weary: I really hope it doesn’t need tier 4 average, that’s just too much

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I don’t think it will be a problem, most players will buy tier 4 anyway for the new weapon and a lot of players will go to tier 6 to mythic the new troop.

Is the event shop weapon again unusable in the world event?


Yes unfortunately :woman_facepalming:


Average Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards in World Event is Tier 4 (~85 battles) :persevere:. This is the highest its been since World Events were introduced (and reworked in those first weeks)



Tier 4 is an overestimate imo. It’s really like 3.1 tiers required. If everyone buys tier 3 and a few members buy tier 4 (to get new weapon) then that should be enough.

Do anyone knows if The Moon has been added to the Vault rewards?

Won’t be there until 4 weeks after the campaign ends. So 5 weeks from now.


Ah, I see.

Are those keys starting to burn wholes to your pockets? :clown_face:

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Nah mate, I can wait with the Band Gnomes.

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Kinda just (crimson) dawned on me.

What’s the point of having Swanmay turn to yellow to skulls if Hatir & Skrull was also going to turn yellow to (doom)skulls?

I’m sure Lycanthropy really hates yellow gems, but it doesn’t make for the most interesting gameplay experience if everything does the same thing.

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There was a Drifting Sands event late last year with a buy-in of Tier 6, no?

I think that’s a coding trick, rather than a lore issue. They don’t want them in the SoulForge rotation (they are probably perma like Zuul or EK), or to drop from keys.

tHrEe tO fOuR wEeKs* (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Plus let’s also acknowledge that this is the devs listening and responding to feedback given after releasing Enraged Kurandara about Boss troops being too expensive at 8 Power Orbs each. I’m definitely onboard with this precedent along with the Leonis Tower of having some different components and amounts used for crafting troops.

To be fair to canadademon’s point though, I do agree that the Hatir/Skroll troop’s spell/traits and utility is more in-line with a Boss troop than either Hatir Ascendant or Skroll Reborn.


The weird wiggling is back for me.
On iOS 14.7 on an iPhone 7

Can’t link video straight from my phone but can send it to help desk if need be. Weird that it’s made a return.

Since Campaigns and World Events are supposed to be tied together.
Am I expecting too much to have the bot that is in charge of Campaign Tasks pull tasks that fit with the Campaign?

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Yes, or rather you should expect exactly what you get because you know better🤣