Crafting System - Wishes, Expectations & Hopes

I am certain he said somewhere we are getting a new mini game for it :slight_smile:

and how does it state its a mini game? :confused: you got me too excited for a moment :sweat:

i searched “mini” and “game” at Sirrians and nothing :frowning:

A new game mode is a new mini game :smiley:


There is no point in debating it. As Sirrians words are obviously open to interpretation. @DonBoba and I both read it as a new mini game @Annaerith you don’t. We just have to wait for the next posting or preview from Sirrian to know for sure.


i need better glasses xD
thanks :smiley: now i can start the :fireworks::confetti_ball::tada: celebration! :tada::confetti_ball::fireworks:

@Strat i just wanted to see it myself, somehow i didnt notice that part, didnt want to dodge it just wanted to se where did you guys see it :slight_smile:


Speculation and all but likely the crafted items, aside from traitstone advancement, will feature cards and weapons independent of the current pool and only available through crafting. While this might dismay some folks I kinda like to have the idea that the current mythic pool remains hard to collect. Certainly it would be more rewarding to have put in work for items that cannot be gained by other means.


I would actually favor using cards to craft as an option. As a higher level player I have multiple copies of cards and would like to be able to take 50~100 cards mix that with what ever and get who knows what or be able to target kingdoms or mana colors. For example 50 card with all red gets you an ultra rare or better that uses red mana, or 1000 swords edge cards gets you a legendary or better. Or just the more cards you put in the better chance to get higher base rarity. That is my hope/wish.

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I hope we can craft the Salad Dragons! :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to craft a larger quiver so I can carry more arrows. I hope it doesn’t take too many Wargare pelts…


They call it soulforge so we will probably need tons of soul to craft anything :slight_smile:

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Then I’ll probably need to craft a bigger bucket to carry all my souls in. I’ll need to start farming Treant branches for that, though. Off to Forest of Thorns…


I got 1,4M souls and probably 5M if disanchentevery extra cards i got

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I have 1 soul.
Sometimes it’s DARK
Sometimes it’s LIGHT

]-; /----~
0-: )----


I have a few million spare…

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Hmmm this is my prediction good or bad. The crafting game costs souls to play and you receive new components for troops out of it of varying rarities. Mythic will be the hardest of course and individual component packs will be available for purchase to make $. Think traitstones but different names, probably color aligned as well.

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What I would really like is for the minigame to twist the status quo of “what’s good strategy”. The PQ minigames did that and I liked both the leveling steeds one and the one where you have to gather a preset number of each gem type before you run out of moves (no board shuffle)


I wish it would be that simple as I’m in the same boat, but I’m guessing not lol.

You can select disenchant all and then back out to see how many souls you would have gotten. I’m at about 900k with 250k on hand.

A game where your strategy varies depending on what crafting components you’re aiming for (like collecting a certain colour of gems for that colour troop) would be awesome.

Particularly if you’d need to look at the starting board and decide which component was worth going for, e.g. I need yellow crafting component for my Queen Aurora, but there’s a lot of red gems on the board… maybe I should work towards that instead…

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Most of all, I expect the crafting system to be about an alternate means to obtain troops currently available with key pulls and not some other exclusive pool. Anything less would be extremely disingenuous to the initial pre-announcement made during the guild wars wrap up. It needs to make collections completable again, normalize the cost of new troops, and stabilize the gem economy somewhat. Inflation on gems (the decrease in value of what any given number of gems will “buy” you) has gotten out of control and continues to worsen for both individual players as they collect more troops as well as with game age as more troops are introduced.

I hope that when I want to craft something, the “new game mode” doesn’t dominate my gameplay time while I’m doing so. Ideally, it won’t be overly disruptive to my routine and I can continue playing the core game while making other decisions that steer me toward completing a craft (which kingdoms to explore, which troops to hunt down, whether or not to use soul generators etc).

I hope that whatever the new game mode is uses your progress and collections. Many people (including myself) would not be too keen on a “Treasure Hunt 2.0”, but would grudgingly play it anyway if it was the only reliable way to unlock certain troops.

I hope all troops are craftable, including Guild Wars troops, finally moving Guild Wars into the “actually optional” column.

I expect there to be a time lock/premium component (force waits, gems) and/or an RNG component (please god no) to crafting in addition to the effort component (farmable stuff like traitstones or souls or monster parts, basically anything you’d have to go and collect yourself).

I hope effort components to be the main deciding factor on your ability to accrue crafting components, but I expect the opposite to be true.

I expect there to be a purchase component to accelerate crafting, but not a required one. I’m fine with this, so long as the in-game costs without the accelerator are resonable.

I hope to see a preview of the system within the next month. I expect to see one before 2018. I wish the next update was actually about crafting, but I suppose the Unity port, fixes, and QoL issues were higher priority. I hope it doesn’t break too much stuff…