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Crafting, Oh Dear!

Great idea, seems well implemented then I unlock level 5 to finally be able to fill in some of the holes with my arcanes to find…

1 Arcane = 400 souls (fine - could even stomach more), 6 majors (same again) & 2 CELESTIALS (WTF!)

This makes absolutely no sense at all. To use a higher tier item to create a lower one and at a 2:1 ratio?


The End game is all about collecting Arcanes & more importantly Celestials to finally get those 3rd traits. I’m currently at a bottleneck of not being able to finish many troops as I only now need Celestials. Why would I use these to create a lower tier item?

Turning gold into lead isnt the way its supposed to go!


Crafting trades efficiency for the ability to target specific troops and items. I agree, though, 2 Celestials is overkill. Even if it only cost 1, I’d rather explore or pay using glory. Hopefully they’ll tweak some recipes to be more reasonable at some point.


It’s not at all unusual to “break down” a rarer component into more common components in a game like this, but that’s also the reason I’ll likely never do it. I average 5-6 arcanes looted for every celestial I find, and I’m not trading 10-12 arcanes for one specific arcane. I’ve never been that desperate for one final stone.


When designing a new economic system, it’s best to start conservatively and adjust upward as needed. People don’t like things being taken from them (see current backlash against LT changes, for instance). I’m not at all surprised that costs are currently so high. We’ll see how things go over the next few weeks. If people are still complaining after equilibrium is regained, we’ll likely see improvements in the costs.


I already don’t like this crafting thing! What they should have done is add anther mode to game like guild wars and people would be happy! Taking away gems from people so they cannot use them on vip chests is simply stupid because now people are going to stop trying to get to VIP! Why would anyone want to be vip when its impossible to get gems for it! I can here the huge sucking sound of money spent on this game drying up!

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They did add a new mode… that’s Dungeons.

Also, I think many people would argue that they don’t want another mode like guild wars.


It doesn’t have to be like guild wars! I was using that as an example!


How do folks run out of celestials? Really? I also don’t understand this ‘breaking up gold to make lead’ system. It’s so backwards.

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I have more than a dozen troops that I can’t trait because I’m out of celestials. I’m quite worried especially since you can’t craft them in the soulforge. The best source of celestial traitstones is VIP chests, which I don’t have access to since my account is 100% free to play.


I get loads exploring. Currently I have 169 of the sodding things!


As i expected, the craft system is just like all the rest of the game: requirements stupidy high for things not so high, 1 million souls for a weapon… all of this make the forge a waste of time, if you realli want to get somthing on this game, pay.
This game is getting worse and worse every time they decide to do something.


Our experiences are quite different. I’m not VIP 5, so haven’t picked up any celestials there, but I only need 13 more celestials to have enough to finish traiting every true kingdom troop in the game (I need over 800 Arcanes to do the same thing). It might be all the Arcanes that you’ve picked up through Legendary tasks that is making the difference between us, or that I spend more time exploring.

Also, I thought from the preview that Oz posted that you could craft a celestial in the soulforge with 100 jewels of each color plus some souls. If that’s true, you could craft a celestial a week by just completing the daily dungeons (if that’s all you wanted to use jewels on).


I’m loving the ability to craft Runics out of Majors.


You’re right, celestiais are craftable. I’m quite relieved about that.

I got almost all my arcanes from buying the event troop packs every week, especially when it gives 2x arcanes. I seldom do explore, only if I’m missing one or two arcanes for some specific trait. I mostly do PvP, glory and trophies are more valuable to me.


I don’t know about the higher up weapons but the staffs and swords are only 1000 souls, which is chump change, and I’m guessing it’s more geared towards endgame, where people don’t need souls becuase everything is super leveled and they have souls coming out their ears.

I’m still not sure about how I’ll allocate my resources or whether I’ll spend gems on the daily booster packs, but it looks like the traitstone crafting should be at least somewhat useful to me. Like you, I use glory packs to get as many arcanes as I can and spend a few hours every week farming what I can’t buy. I’ve picked up almost enough mountains in the last week or so that I’ll be able to trait both of the new legendaries that will be released soon.

From what I’ve gathered, you should be able to comfortably craft a few arcanes/celestials and summoning stones per week and still have plenty of jewels to get the mythic when you get enough diamonds.

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You don’t even need jewels for the mythic, do you? The summoning stones look way too RNG for me, so I’m expecting to use jewels 100% for celestials, with those celestials probably getting turned into the specific Arcanes that I need. Meanwhile, the only thing I will spend diamonds on is those elusive mythics, with every shard going into making more diamonds.

Am I missing anything significant?

Oh for the Jewels I was thinking specifically of the new, exclusive mythics (as well as the ability to convert Jewels into Celestials). My expectation is that you’ll need to put some Jewels into Celestials over time as you use Celestials for Arcanes.

I agree with the summoning stones. Really hope they hear the feedback and make them more targeted. I’m definitely sitting on my materials for a couple of weeks to see if there’s any signs of a change.

And, yes, definitely all shards to diamonds and all diamonds to mythics. Unless you’re really early on. Then I can see a good case for getting a game-changing legendary like TDS. By and large, Legendaries are for players and Mythics are for collectors, so to the extent you don’t have critical legendaries I think it’s totally justifiable to put diamonds into them. TDS is a game-changer.


That seems like the best advice. This whole thing is so complicated, it is going to take me some time to figure it out. The first thing I’ll be telling everyone is not to spend gems on the forge.