"Coven of Sapphira" (Rank 199) 18/30 PLATINUM II :)


Are you down grow a core guild from the beginning? We’re always contributing gold, etc. and moving up the ranks fast! We have 18/30. All types welcome, NO REQUIREMENTS just have fun with it!

Send me a message with your invite code or post a reply here and let’s do this! :smile:

Xbox Live Account: chemist Rx
Guild: Coven of Sapphira
League: Platinum II (about to move into next league)
Current Rank: 204
Masteries: +7 Blue / +8 Green / +7 Red / +7 Yellow / +8 Purple / +8 Brown
Daily Bonus: +55% Gold
Roster: 18/30
Guild Level: 22

I’m on everyday if you have questions.


oh man… you never give up, dont ya? now i want your stuborn ass even more in my guild :slight_smile:


Nope, I don’t :smile:





WE Will join!


I got you guys, don’t worry :smile:




lol stop trolling my guild recruitment :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyway I can get a promotion…Langston


i m not trolling. i came here to get you and asked, and then they appeared from nowhere and i dont know what do they want, so i m asking


lol u know I’m just messing with you :smile:


Yes, I promoted all of you. Let me talk to “kitty” and I’ll probably demote her and put one of you in her spot. Thanks :wink:


i know, i know…
and i know that my reasoning will win :slight_smile:


<3 we’ll see


I promoted you from her spot. Enjoy! :smile: <3 Invite whomever you want!


Sorry guys, but I can’t figure out how to bump this without straight up bumping it :slight_smile: I try by editing the guild stats as we progress but it isn’t working now. Maximum bumps/edits allowed? @Machiknight thanks!


Love the name of your guild by the way.


Thanks :smile:


…just shamelessly bumping my own post! We’re in Gold I now folks!!! Currently at rank 436! :slight_smile:


You could merge with us.

Ranke 93
Platunm 2 2480 trophies

Mastery’s not good
Masteries: +6 Blue / +7 Green / +6 Red / +7 Yellow / +7 Purple / +7 Brown
If you join us we will fix that soon

We have 13 open spots

Live ID xDeadPool 910x


13 slots open out of…?