Countering the NYX meta teams


Nyx has been nerfed, but not enough to stop her being the most popular troop in defense teams.

Personally I use this team, that granted me 95-98% victory. Dawnbringer can be changed with champion of Anu.
(the hero is Titan class)

What do you guys use?


Nice team @Fvffar. I’ll definitely give it a try! :+1:


Thanks for sharing this team, Goodwill! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion @Fvffar :smiley:

I’ll give it a try today.


I do not have a team that is a specific counter to it, This is one of my teams that works pretty well on it though.


“drain the drainer” always works well! :blush:
I guess you would go for Cockatrice and EK first?


yeah, they are the powerhouse of the team


So, I just ran it against FT/Nyx/DB/Mab and it worked nicely. I have to say that I rather enjoyed Nyx not being able to drain 75% of the team. Every time she missed it made me giggle with joy. :heart_eyes_cat:

It was nice to have Liang around to counter FT while feeding Diviner which in turn feeds DB.

Well done @Fvffar :smiley_cat: I’ll definitely use it again against FT/Nyx teams for a change up.


Thanks, @Ashasekayi
The review of a veteran is a rare thing! Happy you enjoyed it


I have been running this Anti Nyx team for many weeks and have not lost a single match.
Follow these rules

  1. Do not use first SF early on
  2. Do not allow Myzmer to get mana
  3. Ignore Nyx - she just screams (drama queen)


  1. Take out Dawnbringer (or Kraken etc) with 3rd SF and Amira (if a lot of yellow on the board use SF first is best)
  2. Take out Forest Troll
  3. Take out Mab
  4. Take out Nyx

Job done. Enjoy.
ps Forest Troll is buffed this week (giant) so might need Amira + skull or fox. Normally can
take him out in one Amira hit.


Like the team a lot! For a little extra protection (and 0% chance of Nyx drain), you can put The Silvermaiden in front, moving Yao Guai back one spot and dropping the hero out.

And I shall call it…Nix the Nyx.


This is a very original one, @esslee , and a good one that I’m going to try.
Letting nyx screaming and draining nothing is a hell of a satisfaction, these days. :smile:

Also, your explanation helps to understand that, when countering nyx, we have to care NOT to fill some troops (like the myzmer) or to download them as soon as possible (like Dawnbringer).


I wouldn’t have thought to use the Silvermaiden in one hundred years, if you hadn’t mentioned it. Thanks @XLS78 !
It’s a really safe team for a picnic with nyx.


Lots of teams can best the Nyx meta. Almost anything from ShenTang with defense against Mana drain is a good start but I also just over power them with my standard PvP team as well.


I’ve been using different methods to counter the dreaded Nyx teams that are so popular. Mainly, troops capable of one shotting her ie Ketras or Lady Ironbeard. Or my other option is total board control with a looping style team. At the moment I’m killing just about everything with Mercy / Alchemist / Hellcat / Worldbreaker - dragon banner. An old popular build but it works 97-98% of the time. Sometimes can even pull the win out if Nyx does get to fire and starts their dreaded roll of cascades. :smile:


Worldbreaker is a troop that gives some sort of satisfaction indeed. His weak point is mana burn, I think, but troops that deal damage, explode gems and get chances of extra turns are fantastic.
In my opinion the team you mentioned is flawless. :blush:


I guess nyx likes targeting hero’s downbringer because of the high mana cost. If you set hero to Orbweaver class, the whole team will be immune to mana drain.


This is brilliant @JuaitoR


Thanks, Lilith reminded me about Orbweaver, when I was ranting about Hero Archer being the only pleb Elf with no ancestry.


after more than 200 fights against troll nyx kraken/db/fox mab i can say, this team is unbeaten. some fights are hard because cascades and db spam but over 80% are easy and quick.

also good against psion ragna famine and something

feel free to test it