Council of Chiefs

There’s a lot of extra information that is needed for World Events, so it’s not likely that we will include it all in our weekly posts. We will be seeing how they go, and if we feel it’s necessary may clarify one or two points in the weekly troop posts.

I think it would be cool if we could potentially even just copy the event’s Lore text above the newly-released troop(s/weapon) on the website, which would then cross-post here. Bonus points for adding:

  • Scoring method: Collect Orc skulls (actually, this is pretty obvious/explicit from the Lore text)
  • Team restrictions: _________
  • (If applicable, any unique rewards, not including unique Titles/Portraits, though - e.g. “this week you can earn a special RAINBOW UNICORN FILTER FOR ALL OF YOUR TROOPS AND COOL SHADES FOR GOBTRUFFLE”)

E.g. This week’s Lore text, from the screenshots in the Help Centre article, is

“Every 5 years when the moon bleeds, the Orcish Tribes gather together to determine who will become the new Warlord of Grosh’Nak. Only the Warlord…”


At the very least.
Just let us know if it’s a guild event or an individual event.

Folks would like to know if they need to make Requirements for their guild prior to the start of the week. If it’s an individual event then of course it won’t matter in that aspect.


Just give us the info and stop doing auto posts. Sigh.


Unfortunately we don’t have that kind of extra time, auto posts are where it is at. Sorry for the inconvenience, I wish I could do manual posts every time for you, but I can’t, and I’ve explained why in the past. :frowning: I know it’s not ideal to wait 8 hours for reset, but as soon as the event is live you will have all the information you need.

To clarify World Events, they are technically all “Guild Events.” However, the Leaderboard is either by Guild (like Tower of Doom) or by Individual (Like Raid Boss/Invasion).


Are you sure about your clarification?


Hence the confusion.

Tower of Doom and Guild Wars are guild LB rewards.

Raids and Invasions are individual LB rewards.

Tower of Doom, Raids and Invasions are guild portal rewards.

It’ll still matter.
I can’t imagine I’m the only GM who has higher Requirements for guild based rewards than individual rewards.
For instance I don’t require Raids and Invasions for AWR.
However I require Guild Wars and Tower of Doom.

I have nothing against the auto posts that you do.
I just ask that you attach in the title of the world event:

“Guild Based Leaderboards” or “Individual Based Leaderboards”.

Similar to what you have set up in on the Switch posts.

I know others are asking for a lot more work. I’m simply asking for less than 30 characters a month. (I didn’t actually count …so those who bother to. I’ll be excited to find out how close my guesstimate was.)

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Thank you very much for the troop posting, Salty. :smile_cat:

Just curious though… Why the title? It doesn’t seem to corrolate well with what you’re enlightening us to. I clicked on it because I thought there was to be some specific talk about the new event coming to us, called “Council of Chiefs”.

I’d like to be able to provide my Pride with some in-depth information on what this event is going to be about, what we can expect when it starts tomorrow.

Thank you.


This is what has me confused.

We get leaderboards are either individual or guild based.

But the actual scoring system has been asked about a few times now, and we have been told yes its all guild, or its both. The patch notes also say its both.

Im not sure if its just a miscommunication, and its all guild based point scoring system, as its a guild event, or what the go is.

Would be great to get clarification to share with our guilds.


Both the events we got to test in the beta were guild-based for rewards—or they were completely unrealistic in their points levels. I’m not positive about the leaderboards, but they may have been individual (call it 60% sure).

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It’s out in the wild! Let us know what you think.

All the information you need to know for the event is in the Lore of the event in the event overview screen, or if you have any further questions you can press the blue ? button on the same screen to see the article:

If it’s a Guild event, there will be a Guild tab in the event, if it’s an individual event there won’t be a Guild tab :slight_smile:

Give the new event a bit of a play and if you still have any questions afterwards just let us know so we can ensure we add that info to the game and/or help center :slight_smile:

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Initial thoughts…

The reward loop seems unappealing:

I’m paying Raid/Invasion prices to get tokens. Tier 4 gets One Medal, Tier 6 gets Two Medals and then my guild is grinding to get 10 more tokens (and some chaos orbs and stuff)

All of this is just to get Epic tokens/medals of which it almost seems like better time spent just farming for gold/trophies/legendary tokens and mythic tokens.

Maybe someone can correct me and point me in the right direction for the appeal of this event…


The medals are, as you said, on top of existing orbs and such. This event gives strictly more rewards than did the event it replaced—which gave orbs but no medals.

even less, just 10.

you’re right, I miscounted. thanks

500 gems to get the weapon, ugh


Having the tokens in the stage rewards seems silly to me. You need these chief medals at the start, not at the end of your battles.

Also, do chief medals stack?


Is the new event weapon usable in the event? The String of Teeth?

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