Cosmic Dragons

I have crafted 4 dragons from the cosmic eggs. All 4 of them have been the same dragon. I know that it’s random, so it’s possible to craft the same one. However, from a choice of 6, crafting the same 4 in a row doesnt seem right to me. Has this happened to anyone else?


This was a deliberate design decision. It’s officially supposed to happen to 1 in 216 players, to increase the level of fun they are having.


Or decrease, as is happening to me, as they are so hard to come by :smiley:

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Yeah, the “fun” thing is a joke because Sirrian said something along the lines of “since we had so much fun with the gem dragons, we’re adding the cosmic dragons”.

No one is having fun with this RNG.

First it’s trying to get perfect runs - with not even a tiny morsel daily - and then it’s the eggs giving you duplicates.

It’s the opposite of fun to blow so much of a hard to get currency on dupes.

So if we say" it is so much fun" we mean it is the opposite.


Ha ha! That was wasted on me. Im normally quite good at spotting sarcasm too! :smiley:

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My hot take (again): As much as that was a near-exact quote, people have indeed had fun USING the new dragons – not CRAFTING them.


Sure, but getting there is just a terrible experience so no wonder that statement is getting made fun of.

This set isn’t going to be any better.


It is pure fun for the 1.5% of players who luckily get all 6 in just 6 eggs.
Misery to various degrees for the rest.


I can totally see and support the fact that not every newly created acc that plays 10 matches a week should have a diamantina or a stellarix ready with hero level 500 or 1000 or so.

Dia and Stella ultimately are way too op overall. What’s next? A troop that does x4 kills directly + prevents possible respawns? But well, if you don’t play yourself (in a adequate time invested way) you can’t know and grasp such minor things to full extent as you lack knowledge and experience as a dev and just describe things as “so much fun”.

Players ultimately want a fair way, completely away from rng luck based settings. Just let the players “work”… which means let them play for their reward, and after playing to a ultimate goal you get the reward. Even a equal distribution could be reached by making it only possible to get f.e. “1k points” weekly by playing… whatever gamemode. If the overall goal is that you need “52k points” the grind players will have their stuff after a year. Semi active players will also have that chance but can ultimately earn their rewards in a same fair way, it’ll only take a bit longer maybe. And everyone will eventually have done the same workload towards the end goal - fairness without shenanigans. But jeah, fairness and equality interferes with the deceptive mindset the devs seemingly have of such a thing which they describe as being so much fun. As we’ve seen in the past this “well working system” (uncontrolled laughter in the office btw) is set in stone.

A equal distribution throughout all players of the first and second dragon sets could otherwise also easily be reached in a fair way with a cap after reaching 4 copies of any of the eggo dragons. This would be some “middle ground”. You could still end up pulling x4 of 5 base dragons until you complete a “base set” by pulling the sixth base dragon. But, is “fair” really “fun”? In most parts of the world we live in it is.

Devs implemented such things elsewhere in the game, so it is possible and it is known how to implement such a thing. No excuses on that matter. It is simply a “we don’t want to” thing/problem, a pure refusal, just a big middle finger to the players. some get a bigger one, some a slightly smaller one, depending on how much wasted copies you eventually pull from rng luck eggos.

What a “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun” design.


The “fun” aspect for this game is almost completely gone for me personally for 3 main reasons:

•heavy monetization with money offers (especially the gold marks offers in the pvp shop, which is pure greed that aggravates me because deed books are still money locked)

•restricted game modes that do not scale well with increased difficulty, due to poor troop or weapon choices.

•luck based loot boxes that hinder progress and don’t have a pity system in place to protect against unfair rng (ex. gem, cosmic, and sentinel troops)

This game has turned into a fancy slot machine. As long as people keep pulling the lever, the madness will never end…:coin: