Cool screenshot topic


Let’s check on the definition of “rewards”. :roll_eyes:


dont you see the word major infront of those orbs? surely that means they are worth it…:grin:


Major Orb of Disappointment, Major Orb of Minor Usefulness


My friend and guildleader @Macawi reached level 1600 today. It took 3 years my friend, must the next 3 years be likely good. Great work! :smiley:



Most expensive bounty power orb ever?

Also :smiley:




How many gems did this undertaking bring? :d


How many weeks did it take? 10.000’s of maps and boring as ell. D-:


Well deserved friend.


Well nice but lvl 10 is max so…


don’t worry, next week is probably a treasure map week


@Sirrian’s son, aka the Son of Sirrian, recently told me that maps can be exchanged for chaos orbs in the future. 500 maps for a Chaos Orb. 1000 maps for a Major Orb. Sorry you didn’t get the made up memo in time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Possessed King just transformed my Greed into a …



That sounds like quite the golden opportunity.


Update on a previous gate galore.

This is called godmode


I had something turned into a Baby Dragon and when I cast it, it turned into a fresh Baby Dragon. :roll_eyes:


Loving the new shields! :smile_cat:


Not a cat, yarnball or something cat-related as emblem…

Someone wants to have a word with the manager.


Sneaky little bugger…

4.2 Patch Notes