4.2 Patch Notes


Our new Shield. :facepunch:


…I love it.


i am glad that you love it. :blush:


oh yes, thanks. this is clear :smiley:


I did 1 delve level and then got the chest rewards, Still no trophy.


In case people were wondering what the new gnome had to offer…


I miss my exploding gem affix on the Spark Rocket. These random affixes make the game more exciting and can be very beneficial. Don’t remove the create a gem affixes please.


I’ve managed to pop both delve trophies (plus Exalted, yay) but can’t get the 300 troop one to pop. Anyone have any luck?


Press in the troops menu to see your collection.
BTW how did you earn “The Land Down Under” ?


Thanks, that worked.
Go to any kingdom in Krystara and go to the kingdom level screen. That’s how it unlocked for me. [quote=“sxesic, post:82, topic:49843”]


So the colors are random?


Thank you for letting us know about the tips @Rickygervais

@Awryan, we are happy with our beta testers, and they are dedicated players. They had access to the 4.2 Update before it released, but sometimes even with beta testers and QA, things slip through the cracks. We are happy to acknowledge when we make mistakes, and this is one of them. When we can implement a fix, we will. Unfortunately, this was picked up after submission, so it wasn’t able to be corrected before the release of 4.2. We were unable to delay the release of 4.2, especially due to the amount of time it takes for updates to be checked across our various platforms. (One of the difficulties in being available on so many, as amazing as it may be!)

Mistakes and bugs are a “big deal” to us, which is why we endeavour to fix so many with each update we release. However, we are human, and humans make mistakes. In the grand scheme of things, this one is considered relatively minor, as it doesn’t break the game or make it unplayable. Even so, we will fix it in the best way possible as soon as we are able too.

I understand that you are frustrated, but we have explained how this happened, why it happened, and what we are planning to do in order to rectify it. Being argumentative and calling us out about it serves no higher purpose. Not everything can always be perfect, or the way you want it to be. That is life, that is human, and you know what? That is game development.


Please add an option to let us choose if we want “bouncy” gems on the board. After every turn they jump a little it’s incredibly straining to the eyes.


I’d also like to say that bugs are apart of live service game development. Especially as a small team, our live issue process is one of the best. This only occurs because we are all passionate about the game, the community, and yes - fixing the issues that entail. We handle our issues efficiently for this development environment and I also strive to ensure transparency with this for you as a community on the progress of problems. There’s always room to improve, and we will continue to do so.


I think there is a thread over here for that!


Cyrup requested my feedback. I provided it. Claiming it as a call out surely doesn’t help. I don’t blame the beta testers… They’re free Iabor. I blame QA and the development. Own that blame. Don’t just say "hey mistakes happen… Whoops 🤷. Or at the very least… If you aren’t going to own it. Apologize for it. Which you didn’t. And yeah I’m well aware that mistakes happen in life. Compared to ACTUAL life. None of this matters. But for you, and the other devs, not a single bug or mistake should be dismissed as “minor”. I get there needs to be a priority to bug fixes and some things fly and some things don’t. But before you get more reactionary and try to defend the staffs/tester mistake. Realize the context… You pushed out a QoL update… That in one “minor” way lessened the QoL. Levels are important… More important than pet names. Spend a weekend trying to recruit for players cause weekly so many quit the game. Not playing the game… recruiting. Cause players who are guildless or are dead guilds tend to enjoy the game a lot less. We already have to deal with a bugged chat. That I at least, understand that it takes a long time to fix and it’s not an easy solution. I have tolerance for that. What I don’t have tolerance for is… Something as easy as seeing a level… So many eyes… Yet none saw until it was too late. That tells me that those eyes don’t care enough. Don’t use words to tell us how much you care. Use your actions by releasing one patch that doesn’t cause bugs (visual ones are actually minor). If that’s too much to ask from a developer then I guess we live in 2 different worlds.
Maybe it really is as minor as you say. Maybe my attitude is due two years of bugs happening in every patch. Maybe as long as players keep coming in… retention isn’t a big deal to the devs. Lastly…

Maybe I didn’t “see it”… But I didn’t see any such plan.


Took me 12 keys to get new gnome, happy with that. Not at all happy with the 4 Cedrics I got though! :rage: Thanks Devs for his super buffed droprate to artificially inflate the “gem value” of vault keys. :roll_eyes:


I’m sorry, I thought you were referring to the guild recruitment feedback covered in your original post and had specific suggestions relating to the Guilds theme of our update - as opposed to our development process. I think we misunderstood each other. :slight_smile:


The issue with player levels not appearing on their profile has already been fixed for 4.3. :slight_smile:


As a temporary workaround to the lack of hero level information available at recruitment time, I’ve created a site that you can use to look up a hero.


Put the invite code in there and you’ll see the hero avatar and level of the player. I could add more interesting things in here too (as long as it’s generally-agreed upon to be public information), but for now this should help guild leaders who are left wondering about new recruits.

Hope this helps,

Created a new topic for this: GoWDB: Public Hero Profile