4.2 Patch Notes


Than please fix the bouncing of the board when you play lower than 4x speed.
people in my guild getting headaches and cant play anymore
thank you. maybe by putting in a turn off option


Have a QA that notices these mistakes before given to the clients. Or give access to your beta to your testers. And if they were given access… Have beta members that can actually play the beta or actually spend a sufficient enough time to test it.
I feel like there should be so many safe guards that should prevent something like this that oddly enough… It shouldn’t happen.

Mistakes or bugs are obviously not a big deal to the devs. Y’all seem to really not give a Fred about them.
I spent money on the game for the first time in a year today. I regret that decision now immediately after the update. Cause small mistakes that make the game more cumbersome is an issue for me. Because I actually play the game. Because I have actual have knowledge of what your customers are experiencing. Because I don’t just “stand around and say oh well”. Instead, I go on the forums and ask those responsible for the game I love… to release ONE UPDATE that makes the game 100% better and not worse in anyway.
Here’s to 4.3 :crossed_fingers: being the one.



Sirrian tips are still in english in the french version xbox


Wait, so can Divinia bless troops with the 3rd trait?


Yes, as she is supposed to give any buff available in the game.


It was isha 2nd trait i think

Edit: nevermind it was hero random status effect perk


Yup, we’re looking into some localization issues on Xbox.


Not a big deal but on xbox when you finish a fight and you mashing the “A” button to skip, if there is an active storm you see the storm description pop up.

Also In the screen it saying i need to push “L” to see it


This trophy does not unlock for me, even though I have unlocked all 5 factions.


Some people reported they had to finish a delve to unlock it. Unfortunately i can’t test it cause my delve are already done


It unlocked for me on Steam after winning a delve level.


@Sirrian for this point below. does this mean that a member of ANY rank could kick ANY inactive member. such as a rank 3 member being kicked by a rank 5 member?

“Any guild member who is marked as inactive can be kicked from the Guild, this includes inactive Guild Leaders”


As a general rule, the highest ranking active players in a Guild have the ability to promote/demote/kick other inactive players. This includes being able to demote an inactive Guild Leader. For more information on removing your Guild Leader if they are inactive, please see this article: Guild leader inactive.


Our new Shield. :facepunch:


…I love it.


i am glad that you love it. :blush:


oh yes, thanks. this is clear :smiley:


I did 1 delve level and then got the chest rewards, Still no trophy.


In case people were wondering what the new gnome had to offer…


I miss my exploding gem affix on the Spark Rocket. These random affixes make the game more exciting and can be very beneficial. Don’t remove the create a gem affixes please.