4.2 Patch Notes


How do you view the hero’s level on the new profiles?

@Saltypatra or anyone, answer would be appreciated :blush:


Not salty but :wink:


That’s strange; on PS4, People Know Me popped when I opened a faction’s renown menu. Try that? The Land Down Under still hasn’t popped. Could be because I used all of my daily delves before the update, I guess.


So there’s no way to tell what level someone is?
Do the devs want us to recruit players to guilds? If a broken chat wasn’t a big enough deterrent. :scream_cat:


Is it me or does the game seem to be running slower now then prior at a 4x speed? It seems like the cascades really slow things down.

Also web alerts are not working on PS4 and I have confirmed that I opted in and signed up for web alerts.


“Out of the blue” i think it’s important to have a Goals or Requirements Met/Finished. We can see progress in the Roster for the current week, but having it being notified/registered in the log of activities would probably help management.

For more trivial logs of activities…
Ascended "Troop-X" to Mythic
New Mythic Acquired,
Kingdom Star reached
…would give us more things to talk about and congratulate each other, this keep things interesting and reinforces the social aspects of guilds.


@Rickygervais you can be Salty for the day.


Yes please devs make a option to turn off the bouncing some of my players saying they get sick because of it.
and they cannot play anymore. PLEASE Fix that by putting in a turn off option


the gems do seem to be bouncing i thought i was just trippin xD


I’m not partiularly affected by the bouncing, but it seems like the screen “freezes” a little when it shakes during explosions and i didn’t noticed it before… :skull:

The lag on the Troop’s Menu seems to be gone for real, but accessing the Guild is a little slower than before.


Yeah, the bouncing slows things down at 3x speed: new matches don’t register until the bouncing animation finishes.


1 .Thanks for the “Exalted” trophy fix.
2. Any way to earn “The Land Down Under” trophy now? (Check Hero/profile menu doesnt work)


I noticed the bouncing. I think its a result of the gems moving more smoothly, wasn’t it always there and easy to spot on lower speeds? Anyway yeah I immediately thought this would annoy some people.


Congratulations! :confetti_ball:


This is awesome



Just a side note that alerts can be activated for console game accounts (and will be displayed on the PC or mobile device of choice) :confetti_ball: The team are looking into some ways where notifications can be displayed within the game itself on console or through a smart TV in the future.


The bleed effect is nice visually, but cursed is a bit too subtle, specially on dark troops.


Why was this pushed out if bugged like this?
Are we going to have to wait until 4.3 to see the level of a recruit?
How in da Fred do you release an update to make guilds better and make it more difficult to recruit new players for that guild at the same time? I’m truly astonished by this.


My achievement showed up on Steam after I finished a delve level.


There’s a lot to consider when developing an update in terms of UI, features, design, and everything in between, and in the case of developing a new screen that was visually appealing and included more information than before this was a simple change which was missed. I remember everyone standing around in shock after we had submitted (missing the opportunity to fix this) and realised we missed the Hero Level! :stuck_out_tongue:
Mistakes happen, especially when you’re crafting something focused on addressing new needs and issues.

For the later, could da Fred please provide some more details on exactly what could improve? As always, there’s only so much we can include in an update. The team is able to iterate and improve later.