4.2 Patch Notes


Congratulations… And confirmed on PC, not mobile. :wink:



40 keys … nada


Web alerts is going to be interesting. Default for “tributes off, offers on” earned a glare though.

Am I the only one who thinks the board is animating more smoothly now? Have to see more but I bet the freezing issue is gone.


Android S9+
I didn’t get an alert for my tribute when it became available.

Update: now fixed


Why are the ‘add a gem’ weapon ‘upgrades’ not also going away? Those probably betray more of their own users (especially on doomed blade) than the +10 ones that hardly anyone has.


Gets promoted to guild leader over the weekend.

4.2 patch update hits along with guild features like activity logs.



Are these the only affixes to be reviewed or will the other ones that makes no sense in many weapons such as “Create/Destroy X gems” be reviewed in the meantime and changed at the next update?


Rest in Peace Zuul’Goth, you were once a decent troop. Back to the never used category for you, next to Gargantuar.


Excuse you Gargantuar is super useful you take that back.


His only friend is Princess Elspeth. Feel free to make that a lorekeeper episode.


Anyone notice a bounce every time gems fall? I would like a way to disable this. It’s jarring


Has anyone managed to trigger the “Unlock 5 factions” achievement/trophy? Not sure how to make the game check for it besides waiting for a 6th faction to come out.


Is this all it’s supposed to tell me?

We’ve had a PR trigger and 2 tasks completed since I updated to 4.2 and all it shows is me messing with the guild symbol. I don’t need to be told what I myself did. Nor does the guild… they can see what I did. Lol


There is a filter at the bottom to show other types of activities.


Highly doubt it. They’re waiting for a fix for the Unity engine memory leak.


It’s on and has been set as this.


That’s weird, it’s working just fine here:

Maybe restart the game, if you didn’t already…


The Land Down Under and Colonel Muster’d triggered as soon as it opened on Steam.
However, People Know Me only registers the renown of 1 kingdom. I haven’t done any Delves yet today, however


& @awryan. As we support having both 4.1 and 4.2 versions of the game running at once, if the tasks were completed by someone playing on a 4.1 build, the activities wouldn’t be recorded.

We are using this as a starting point for the activity log, so please pass on what activities everyone would like to see in there :slight_smile:


The extra bounce animation when gems drop slows down the game unnecessarily. It is especially noticeable on 4x speed where everything else is so quick and clean. Maybe there’s a way to turn off that animation that I haven’t found yet? It’s not a welcome addition, at least not to me.