CONSOLE: Will of the Wisp


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Don’t follow the light!

New Troop: Wisp

Wisps inhabit the damp and marshy borders of Silverglade, where the snow melts and runs off the mountains to form misty wetlands.
The High Elves typically leave an offering of honey, bread, and gold to them upon the changing of the seasons, 4 times each year. As such the Wisps are kindly disposed towards their fellow inhabitants of the north-west tip of Krystara. The same cannot be said for travellers however, as the Wisps will often try to lure them towards boggy sinkholes, and they are never seen again.

Please note this Event only applies to the PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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I got first this time


First again


Here come the wisp meta lol


Yea my thoughts as well.


COnsole players… RUN AWAY NOW…


Let the console wisp whining (justified) begin! I wonder how the console crowd is going to react as this is just like the justice league back again.


I take it like a challenge and i will probably
Find a good counter like i always do :slight_smile:

At least we gonna see something else then goblin and troll+ kraken lol


Be careful of what you wish for as something wicked this way comes.


Make sure you keep 2 of the Wisp, no matter how high you ascend it.


385 troops avalaible, im pretty sure i can build something to kill them. Might not be a quick team but it will work.


You can kill them, but they can also go nuclear on you.

I’ve had wisps cast 6+ times on their first turn. I’ve also had them sit fully charged and not cast for several turns.

It seems like the Wispx2, Krstanax, Mab, but 2xW, K, is the base of annoying. It seemed to start as W,W, EK, Kryst, and that was pretty nasty, but Mab or Kraken seem like more grief now.

They are fun on offense too. That Dispel with all the extras is really nice. I think if they silenced themselves when the cast they’d be just about right.


For normal PvP they are tolerable but only if you bring Mab or Borealis to freeze them and keep them frozen. In GW, trying to make your 4 color team they are a HUGE pain in the butt. Its a troop that must be countered unlike virtually any other troop in the game.


Yeah stealthy and 75% mana start gonna be a pain for GW but i don’t mind using only 2-3 color just to make sure i win


Good luck, I look forward to hearing of your progress over the next couple of weeks. I am in a guild in bracket 1 on PC/Mobile, the Wisp/Wisp/(Kraken | Krystenax)/Queen Mab is close to 4/5 fights in GW now. Another long term member of the my guild just left today over this and the exposed collusion cheaters in bracket 1, so many problems with the game and the Dev’s ignore PC/Mobile and inflict on console the Will-o-the-Wisp, its disheartening to see how little they regard the opinions of the player base these days.


I agree but when impervious get fix, i imagine it will be a little bit easier to build something decent


Impervious will help in the case of the Kraken but the Wisp/Wisp is still broken imho and can and will lead to chain cascades over and over and over and over. You’d eventually die from skull spam regardless of what the other troops are.


Will see tomorow im not giving up yet.


How deadly is Wisp?


2 Wisps and the skyfall cascades that the AI gets all to often lead to have your team, regardless of what it is, blown out in a turn or two from out of the blue. You can be doing fine, playing just right and doing damage to the enemy team then out of nowhere the AI gets cascade after cascade with the wisps casting and then filling back up and casting again while the other troops fill back up and so on and so on until your team is dead.