CONSOLE: No One Expects

yes fascinating to read why garbage is garbage. 20 event cards giving the exact same card 20 times when the kingdom has around 12 different cards was certainly enlightening. Clearly there is no point in using event chests whatsoever this week - until its changed, whenever someone cares to do it unless the arrogance level remains as unbelievably high as it is right now.

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Yup, no point in using even chests. Only thing new in there is a purple grand inquisitor, and purple means two trait stones. So buy for glory the copies you need and save event keys.
If you can, save event keys for new kingdom weeks.

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Come on guys we can’t always get AAA troop every weeks, next week will be better :slight_smile:


Yeah RNG is a pain in the ass with event chests. You will either walk away smiling or get 50 UR troops who you already had ascended to mythic.
Only 20? Well that’s not to bad then, imagine if you spent 50 keys.

The one thing that I can’t stand with event chests is non-event troops from other kingdoms in them. No excuse any more for this with the troop roster increasing for every kingdom


your constant toadying on these forums reminds me of donald trump. 20 keys to get exactly the same card and only that card is garbage. the game is pay to win and nothing more now. This is about as low as it gets. support is rude and very late in responding probably because I post here. only money gets players certain cards now. the problem with games today is that they offer very little escape from reality. in the real world the truth is despised and ridiculed - much like what goes on here. call it as you see it and your cards, and account are marked.

even the guild system is broken and support won’t fix mine - guess why?

We clearly not playing the same game cause this is the best support i ever had in any game. Keep in mind it was holiday so it is normal to take longer to get answer. Rude? I guess again we don’t have the same definition of rude


I wish you the best in dealing with whatever personal issues you’re going through, but taking it out on random strangers is no way to behave.


Morose. Dude you really sound bitter. These devs have been astounding in my experience.


Continue your arrogance spouting. why does your experience overrule mine? it doesn’t.
the reality is my guild count was corrected again within 20 minutes of that post.

Simon - I wish you the very best in dealing with whatever personal issues you’re going through, because making up garbage about random strangers like me is no way to behave in any forum.

DUDE -in my experience that was the case but not anymore.

I know things got a little weird in this thread, but are you 100% on this now Dan? Personally, the only time I ever use event keys now is when there is a specific legendary in the current week’s event kingdom that I either don’t have, or want more copies of to get Mythic.

For instance, I didn’t get The Dragon Soul the week that the new Kingdom came out, so I sat on my event keys until we got the Kingdom event the following week, then started cashing them in until I got one.

This week, the only reason to use them is if you’re looking to get Moloch or Celestasia. Everything else that comes will probably be melted down for souls, though you might pick up a few extra Whitehelm Epics if you don’t have them all at Mythic yet.

Event keys are like a focused laser which you don’t get to aim - you just have to wait until your target happens to wander into the crosshairs before you pull the trigger.


event keys this week are broken, and no-one is going to admit it.

I fail to see how they are broken this week, when all reports are they are working exactly as they have always done.



DUDE - i’ve been playing this a long time and that is not working as it used to.
But Stan of the secret world maybe in your world change is normal, and getting 50 identical minor cards out of level 5 vip chests is normal yes? One set is free and one is paid for and so getting 50 identical minor cards out of level 5 vip chests would be normal and working just the same yes?

I don’t see where i was arrogant, but bashing everyone is not the best way to get your things fixed


Who said anything about VIP chests, or common cards? I heard Dan-Ozzy got a very high number of Ultra-Rare Sacred Guardians out of Event chests. Event chests give Ultra-rare or higher cards from the week’s event kingdom. In this case, since there is only one Ultra-rare in Whitehelm, along with 3 Epics and 2 Legendaries, opening event chests this week will result in a large number of Sacred Guardians along with a small number of some mixture of Saphira/Grand Inquisitor/Mercy and a miniscule number of Celestasia/Moloch. In a small sample of 10 or 20 cards, getting 20 Sacred Guardians would be disappointing, but no more.

Dan’s numbers were 25/30 Sacred Guardians. I presume the remainder were a mixture of the three Whitehelm Epics, with maybe a Legendary in there. If so, then that would be exactly normal and working just the same.

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Lol, I noticed they didn’t reply to my post.

Try spending 278 event keys and only walking away with 3 legendary cards. Over 250 Ultra Rare troops.

Forest Guardian, I’m looking at you. To get the next 3 I spent a few k in gems.

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EKs can also give Gard’s Avatar this week, right? I know the odds are minuscule, but for someone who’s close to maxing everything it’d make sense to spend them chasing mythics.

I’m pretty sure Gard’s Avatar hasn’t been released yet. I haven’t logged in today, but unless they post a news item saying it has been released, assume it hasn’t been.

When they do release him, he’ll be the exclusive Mythic in Glory, Gem and VIP keys, so I would go crazy on gem keys if that’s what I was hunting for.