Console: Money, Money, Money

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Must be funny.
In a rich man’s world.

New Troop: Merchant Prince

The Merchant Princes of Darkstone have grown extremely wealthy over the years, not only on the back of human suffering, but also by plying illicit potions and elixirs throughout the dark corners of Krystara.

New Weapon: Merchant's Blade

Please note this Event only applies to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Sweet merchant blade!

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Should be 2x arcane spirits with merchant s blade.

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I’ve nagged about console release for 9 months!
Politely of course.

Lol, yes we all noticed.

Have a wonderful event console players! :smiley:

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Psion buff… Love it.

So what trait stone comes with troop! I’m not at home

1 Arcane Shield.

Not bad, time to fully trait Emperor Khorvash for some I guess.

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Not much time for Summer Imp to be released as a glory troop. I still need one copy to mythic it. Can devs confirm Summer Imp will be an upcoming glory troop before the 2 month drop period is over?

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So how many more weeks is summer imp available?? Only missing troop…bugger won’t drop for me at all.

I doubt he will be available for glory but my fingers are crossed.

I prefer million dollar man Ted Dibiase song

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End of July, so you have 15 more days.

Anyone remember this?

Referring to a previous post’s mention of a mythic that is a Pharos-Ra for gold.

Uh? She is refering to merchant blade

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Yes! I will definitely be doing that. I was actually farming for the last five I need today.:grin:

And I really appreciate the time you took to make that Arcane traitstone list. Thank you

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As @Rickygervais mentioned, Salty is referring to Merchant Blade, not Pharos-Ra.

If she was replying directly to the Pharos-Ra comment, there would be a Reply arrow and the poster’s name next to the 14d line. (As you can see on this post)


Yep! I was referring to Merchant’s Blade, not Pharos-Ra.

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