CONSOLE: Bird is the Word

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B-b-b-bird, bird, bird. Bird is the word.

New Epic Troop: Prince Azquila

One day, Prince Azquila was sitting high up on a rocky perch, when he spied a Lapina far below him.
The Lapina waved hello.
Prince Azquila nodded back.
Then the Lapina called out, “Oh Great Prince, would you mind terribly if I rested here a while like you?”
Prince Azquila nodded his approval, and the Lapina quietly sat down to rest.
A moment later, a Dire Wolf jumped out from a nearby bush, killed the Lapina, and dragged her off for dinner.

The moral of the story?
If you want to sit around and do nothing, you should be sitting very, very high up.

Sir Gwayne will be made available for glory this week.

Please note this Event only applies to console versions of the game.

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“Please note this Event only applies to console versions of the game.” on the front page

Nice two Epics! Any estimate of when we will be getting Necrezza?

So look like +25% Suncrest +25% knight

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Yeah, that would be my guess too.

@Sirrian Is the point scoring for Guild Wars changing on console this week as well?

I think we need update for these changes
Same for famine nerf

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Unfortunately you will need to wait for the next update for the change in scoring and the famine nerf.


So any estimated eta on that?

Eta’s are hard on console as there is the approval process the updates need to go through. Once we have submitted the update we will let you know.


Excellent , thank you

@Nimhain Will console still be getting a +5 bonus glory week for using Sir Gwayne in a pvp team? Cheers.

It’s unlikely.

Most unfortunate.

While +5 glory in each PvP battle would be nice, I am pretty happy with the extra traitstone for Prince Azquila in PvP. :grinning:


Look like they did a ninja fix cause score was already changed today :slight_smile:

@Saltypatra you gave us wrong info but i still love you :slight_smile:

Server side vs client side changes.

Famine at 20 (or 22) is the real issue console has to deal with. 1 TDS cast can reliably completely fill itself, completely fill Famine, completely fills another troop all 3 from 0 Mana, and even spilling over into the 4th troop. Furthermore on occasion drops will also give it an extra turn just to make sure you enjoy the show.

Maybe they should just change the ability to “75% win the battle”.


Exactly what i was saying bro the +2 won’t affect the game cause of TDS and if they change mana shield and make it immune to mana drain it’s going to be worst

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are you guys meeting many TDS + famine defense teams? :thinking:

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Yes, if someone has Famine you can bet its on their Defense team… Justice + Queen Mab is also absolutely devastating on Defense, but not common on PC. Obviously its the difference AI Algorithm at work.

You see a great deal of Explorers + 3 Troops.