CONSOLE: Bird is the Word

Yes. The only saving grace is that Famine is mythic and relatively few players have him. I think anyone that does have him has him on defence. Exploder plus famine is difficult to counter, and TDS plus famine might be the worst since there is no colour overlap (and TDS has an annoying habit of resurrecting repeatedly).

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well maybe its a console thing then,

i see a lot of famines here(pc/mobile), and some tds but never together

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I mostly see any combination of Valkyrie, queen mab, justice, famine.

Too bad we console players have no such thing as ‘skull distract’.

Yeah @raphael, each time when I watch @Tacet, and he talks about “skull distract”, I shout at my monitor 'That’s doesn’t work that way on console!" :laughing:

Doesn’t PC/Mobile have the system the console has, where you can define gem priorities on your defense team? You can even set Skulls to “only take it when there is absolutely nothing else to take”…


Unfortunately no

That is the one thing that we are actually ahead of them on. Daily tasks, too, I guess.