CONSOLE: An Update on the Update!

Stephanie is currently pvp rank 1, whoever she is, which one of you Thieve animals are going to hunt her down and bring her back for breakfast?

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I see 2 new hero classes also

Make that 21

Just got plague from glory chest

Yeah, if this is accidental, fine.

If this is on purpose, the catch-up was botched HARD.

22 new troops now

Christ on a flying bike!

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I’ve only had a hundred glory keys saved, and used 70 this morning. Doh!

I really like the new confirmation button before you buy chest

23 new troops. Khorvash has arrived. Hide your wives.

Gosh darn, I’m out

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Because of the delays we had a choice:

  1. Delay the catch up and move everything past the Holiday season
  2. Keep the catch-up date where it was, release all the troops from the last few weeks now, and then put them into event chests later.

We figured we’d go with #2… once you hit mid January, the effect will be pretty much identical, and in the mean time everyone will have had access to a bunch of extra cool stuff.


So many new troops to test :slight_smile: but we will run out of stones quick


Nobends though! Come on, do you want me to get down on my knees and play your didgeridoo??

No exclusive week for each Mythic?!

I did already unlock 2 Mabs, a Khorvash and a Plague so I am pretty high right now

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Got a couple Mabs and khorvash, got Death, but no plague for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

I want death and 1 more khorvash.

How many keys you used, that was quick

4 k glory and 100 vip

Ooooohweeeee we got a big spender over here

24 new troops wtf
Edit: 25

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Okay, so I am totally digging Explore so far. Two total battles have produced one Arcane and one Celestial!


And of course unlocked and leveled glacial peaks.

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