CONSOLE: An Update on the Update!

when is the Xbox patch being released???

@Alpheon said approx 1h after ps4 it’s been 1h so it must be real soon

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I’m downloading it on Xbox right now.

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Beated you im at 72% :slight_smile:

Mine just finished and starting the game up now :smiley:


Damn your connection is faster then mine lol 82%

Edit finaly done aleluia!!!

Still no update for me on Xbox one… Is the update automatic download…

Finally after shutting down the game multiple times and no update. I had to turn off the Xbox and reboot the game to get the update to work…smh…

When will it be released

This update is great. You can work your defence to proper specifications.

@Sirrian or @Alpheon

Forgive me if this is the wrong thread, but I haven’t seen it addressed anywhere recently and I believe this is where the talk about it had been, but…

Can we get an update on how were looking to be fully in sync with mobile/pc? It’s been a while since we heard anything, and it seems like we’re not catching up at all anymore but just staying on pace behind them.

Are you going to continue the slow creep up to them, or are we just going to get a big dump with all of it at once?

Any update would be great, and forgive me if you’ve posted about this somewhere recently and I missed it! Thanks.

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the next update on console coming mid or late february be patient !!!

Thanks, but is that update going to have us fully caught up to mobile, is my question.

Depends by what you mean fully caught up. Do you mean with troops or game features?

Maybe both?

I meant troops, but game features would also be nice.

and if not troops, any loose guesstimate of a timeline when/if that’s looking to be?

Here is a post Nimhain made a couple weeks ago to explain the change in the rate of troop releases. I read this as saying they are going to be maintaining the current pace at least until the 2.2 update is approved by Sony and Microsoft (to avoid the problems we had before Christmas where they were running out of available troops to release). After that, they can get the last little bit of catching up done and get the troop releases synchronized. As of now, there are five available weekly events from PC/Mobile version 2.1.5 (Zaejin, Pridelands, Leonis Empire, Khetar and Darkstone), so they’ll need to get the 2.2 update out in the next 5 weeks in order to proceed according to the new plan. They need to push the planned events out way further into the future than they had before so that they can deal with unexpected delays without any hiccups once they are trying to update all platforms at once.

I haven’t seen any hints as to synchronizing game features (customizable AI and daily tasks for PC/Mobile; weekly events, etc. for console; guild wars for both).

We’re only one patch away from mobile pc, right? And the only major features are events and the new shop.

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Yeah but i don’t think the next patch is going to bring all the rest of the troops in line as well? Unless that IS what they’re planning?

I think that once the next patch is approved, and the 3 month troop release plan is in place (behind the scenes), then they can get back to giving us weekly events PLUS bonus troops to start closing the gap again. I get why they didn’t want to be doing that now when they’ve been focused on server migration and were burned by Sony/MS so recently.