CONSOLE: 2.2 Patch Notes

I just heard back from our submissions team and they said the the new items should be available by the start of next week (Over the weekend sometime).

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No “Disenchant all” :frowning:

is Silverglade hidden in this patch or we have to wait for the next one? thx

Silverglade should be coming out before March ends. (I think in a couple of weeks if I remember correctly).


How is console catch up supposed to work if we’re not catching up when we are finally on the same patch?

The devs have mentioned a few times that with the certification issues in late 2016 and the server issues, they had to readjust timelines. They decided to focus on getting feature-parity with the troop catch-up to happen later.

Even if we are not catching up troop-wise we are keeping up and not falling farther behind.

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We’ve been getting a new kingdom every month and we’re still on track with that, even if Silverglade doesn’t come for another week or two. Based on the spoiler thread, it looks like PC/Mobile may be going down to one new kingdom every 3 months.

Let’s wait until Monday to see what next week’s event looks like before we panic about the rate of catch-up.


Where is the $5 VIP bundle?

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In the offer section under events

There is supposed to be a $5 VIP bundle that has a VIP key. This bundle is not there.

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im sure it will arrive before the game is fixed.

Equip hero class trophy wont pling, already have the 250lvl trophy even. Guilds complete all tasks is impossible for non top guilds and really needs adjustment.

Join a top guild briefly if you want the achievement bad enough.

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I had the same problem all I did was scroll through the tabs and it unlocked.

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I believe the inverse of this is true too (but +400 Gold is to small for me to verify;) ). When the player is the one using a Hero on his team for an Event like this weeks all Yellow I don’t think its counting for Victories (3 Yellow Troops + Yellow Hero). I would be nice if this was working in the future as I would love to make some teams for other Events up using my Hero.


Any update when the new items will be buyable on ps4?

They were available at 16.00 GMT when I looked earlier

We have been getting in contact with our Submissions team to get these released (which we were told they would be by the start of this week). Although from @Dan_ozzzy189’s post, it may be available? If you could confirm for us, that would be appreciated.

join a guild that gets rid of the dead weight! People are recruiting here all the time! My guild gets all tasks done in first 2 hours and we do 10 legendary tasks by day 1 and 20 by end of week!

@wskill @Rojo1

I made a post about this on another thread. No need whatsoever to join a top guild if your happy where your at. The ironic thing is that to unlock “Team Synergy” you are going to need some Team Coordination. :slight_smile: