Console 3.0.5 Known Issues

@Alpheon i know you said we will need update for the looping fix, but since a couple day i noticed the AI was doing less loops. I mean the justice team in particular could do 21 turns before you could play and now since a couple day it only make 4-5 turns then miss is shot more often.

So is it my imagination or you guys did a little ninja fix? Or i just been really lucky lately? Combo breaker activate maybe?

Talking about console of course

If you hit the share button once, it will let you save up to the last 15 min of video (based on free space). So you don’t need to prep anything.


I’m on PS4. So press the share button before I go into battle or when I get there? Or it doesn’t matter. It will record for 15 mins. I have no problem with space. I upgraded my HD.

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Press the button once after the fact to save the last 15 min.

Pressing it twice to put it in record mode will clear out the current buffer and then record up to the next 15 minutes. Press it once after that to stop the recording and save it.

In most cases you’ll just want to hit it once after something weird happens. It’s easier that way.


Thank you. Cause something weird was definitely happening earlier. I was choosing the supposed easier match but when the team showed up it was 4 Mythics***.

@EmsDad15 Known “feature”. You can read about it in the below. It should be fixed in the next update.


I think the ghost problem is not only related with goblin king, it happened to me several time with different troops


The ghost thing happens quite often to me.

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I fought a battle and Gorgotha in the enemy’s last slot had all colors for mana like it was a prismatic orb. I saw him gain mana from green too. It was weird. I forgot what mode I was playing.

Also, I see the guild players list does not load sometimes, and I usually get it to work by checking it again after going through other menus like the shop. PS4.

That’s not a bug that’s an actual troop. It’s very rare to have one summoned in.

Since 3 days i got the msg “servers are experiencing degraded performance”

Also it’s a wrong translation. It should be
"Nous rencontrons quelque problemes avec nos serveurs"

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I found an issue today with my soul count not correctly applying at the end of a game.

If I use a team of:

The Dragon Soul
Keeper of Souls
Sacrificial Priest

I get an in-game max of 100 souls. On normal difficulty, If I get 100/100, after all my other bonuses are applied, I get exactly 300 souls at the end of a match.

However, If I only get 80/100, I get the exact same 300 souls. This is definitely a bug in the calculations somewhere.

Video proof:

Here is me maxing out souls. You can see I end with 300 souls:

Here is me only getting 85/100 souls. Yet, I still get 300 souls at the end of the match:


I’m finding the new troop Orc Veteran, doesn’t consistently create red gems when using his spell. It sometimes seems to work and sometimes doesn’t, even though each time I’ve been using it, my attack is higher than the target’s.

Sorry, I don’t have video of this, but I’m sure someone will be posting about that same issue soon.

I’m attempting to invite a player to my guild, but after the invite code is verified and I am prompted to confirm that I want to send the invite, I get the loading circle for a few seconds then the “error - trouble connecting to the server, please restart your game” error. If I retry, the same thing happens over and over. No change when I restart the game, or even reboot my PS4. I had a guildmate try to invite and he got the same result.

Submitted a ticket to 505 games, but it would be nice if we could get the player in before end of day so they can have a chance to participate in GW this week.

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Same happened to us today, we had to change the setting for public and he was able to join

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You changed the setting to public, and then the invite worked? or they were somehow able to search and join themselves?

He joined by himself

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You just opened up the #1 guild on XBox so anyone could join, and only the person that you wanted to did? That’s amazing…

Lol we were chatting with him and told him when to join, in the worst case if someone else joined we could still kick him :slight_smile:

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Yeah, neither my GL or the invitee are online right now, so we don’t have that kind of control.