Console 3.0.5 Known Issues

Hi @Alpheon it happened again, 1 guildmate already got a win and the war is not started yet. Xbox one

@Alpheon @Sirrian @GoldPhoenix0

This post deserves some attention as a major bug:

Basically, my guild has finished within the top 6 guilds in bracket 1 every week since GW started. This past week was no exception and we finished 6th again.

Yet, for some reason, this week we have been demoted to bracket 9 instead of staying in bracket 1 as we should be. This is a major setback in terms of rewards despite our guild meeting the requirements to stay in the top bracket. Now we are looking at 300 less gems this week alone as well as a lot less of the GW troop, with potentially of only being able to raise 1 bracket a week until we get back to 1? That’s a tremendous amount of lost resources for my guild if this is not addressed ASAP.


Sorry everyone, we’re looking into these Guild War issues. No ETA on a resolution yet however.


Think of this as the Elites stepping into the peasants’ shoes.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now you know how the little guys feel like in the lower brackets.:smiling_imp:

At least you are still in wars we see our completely

Reported in Unity Changes (3.05 P.C / 3.1 rest of the systems) Changes that need to be rethought

Minor issue, we can’t see both team progress in GW. Xbox

It saying no enemy to attack right now

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I believe this is happening on PS4 as well.


This is still an issue and I don’t see it on the list in the original post. We’ve completed two statues this week and are not getting the stat bonuses and no countdown timer is showing.

On PS4.

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I’m pretty sure that I tagged a Dev without response.

My number is the same so maybe timers aren’t showing but the bonuses are still there

That would still be an issue. We don’t max all the statues every week, so I’d like to know what bonuses are actually active or not. I’ll have to calculate some troop stats when I get home and see if they are counting and just not displaying.

Entering a keyword and pressing triangle (ps4) before the word appears in the box sends the game into a never ending search with the spinning colour wheel and you have to restart the game.

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@Alpheon @Alpheon my avatar is a dwarf now but i didin’t buy it

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Its a sign Ricky that stone hammer is on his way :stuck_out_tongue:

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It happened to me too. I think I was looking at someone’s profile who had the dwarf and it appeared on my profile.

Sorry, we had a glitch in the matrix. Is it fixed after you restart?


Yes fixed ty, can you please tell us if we will get a mythic tomorow and which one?

It’s Hammer time (Soon™).

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Alright ty my friend :slight_smile:

Also just want to let you know we can see elemaugrim picture rotate in the vip chests

Probably another bug in the matrix :wink: