CONSOLE: 2.2 Patch Notes

They were available at 16.00 GMT when I looked earlier

We have been getting in contact with our Submissions team to get these released (which we were told they would be by the start of this week). Although from @Dan_ozzzy189’s post, it may be available? If you could confirm for us, that would be appreciated.

join a guild that gets rid of the dead weight! People are recruiting here all the time! My guild gets all tasks done in first 2 hours and we do 10 legendary tasks by day 1 and 20 by end of week!

@wskill @Rojo1

I made a post about this on another thread. No need whatsoever to join a top guild if your happy where your at. The ironic thing is that to unlock “Team Synergy” you are going to need some Team Coordination. :slight_smile: