Console 2.2 Known Issues

Sorry, we’re looking into the other bugs, but wanted to address this quickly to ask if you could please provide the video? We’ve run some tests internally with them and they appear to be working correctly.

What he’s saying is the fewer troops that ate left, the less damage Bul and Rowanne are willing to dish out. Bul’Tauros used to be a 2:1 ratio so maybe it got stealth-nerfed but Rowanne was AMAZING at a 2x armor ratio; she got me to 8th place on the PVP leaderboard early on in the PVP board’s life. Hopefully she wasn’t nerfed because I may have to call upon her mighty thorns once more.


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Sorry, not very good at this but here goes. There are a number of videos at the bottom. You can just look at any video that has Bul’Tauros and Rowanne in the opening screenshot.

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That is correct! We added the ability to ascend to any higher level in one go, assuming you’ve got the cards of course. :wink: One more QoL feature I hope people will enjoy. (We also fixed the ascension bar not actually changing to the correct colour for the next ascension, which I think we can all agree is the real win here).

We’re looking at addressing this grave issue in a future update. :stuck_out_tongue:

@einsteinle: Excellent! Thank you very much. We’ll investigate and see what’s causing this.
Edit: We’ve found the cause and I’m sorry to say it will be a full update required :frowning: Very sorry about this. Fix for another bug caused this one, which we unfortunately didn’t catch.


On Xbox One

  • I keep getting bullied with bunches of skull cluster and extra turns in alot of games … it was promised it would stop after update 2.2. It is very hard to win a game in pvp like this without Gorgotha and even with … its is slowing down my pace and destroying my stats.

  • I finally received Borealis today to freeze all opponents and stop the extra turns but the extra turns go on when they are frozen.

  • Emperor Korvash stuns the enemy troops but they still go on using their traits against me on 4 or 5 matches.

  • When Inquisitor does his spell the game doesn’t freeze but when its my turn I can’t make moves anymore and have no other option then retreat.

  • Giant Toadstool doesn’t do his spell … I tried it out often enough and not once he transformed an opponent troop

  • Dragon Soul often keeps resurrecting and sometimes he resurrects 2 or 3 of himself according to open slots. Infernal King does the same. Not always but regularly.

  • I am lvl 1088 now with all my masteries on lvl 181 and still no mythic hero … is that normal?

  • Still loosing lots of pvp battles because of freezing in or after the game … after restarting the stats say the game is lost and so are the rewards

  • chat does often very weird stuff :

    • either I can’t see chat log of global chat or else its the guild chat I can’t see, mostly when I want to switch the chat I need to restart the game.
    • often I get empty error messages … window with no text, just two buttons with no text either … Pushing the buttons does nothing and the window won’t go away → have to restart
  • Luther’s guided tour doesn’t stop in the event menu … no losses but very annoying

  • I get no bonus for my class weapon (using Prismatic Orb that has all mana colours ) … It’s not that bad because I am in the “guild of Thieves” and have enough bonuses but it’s not fair.

  • Impossible to get a perfect Arena run. I almost never can get 3 battles in row without freezing. Freezing battle, just like in pvp a battle that is frozen is lost when restarted and no rewards.

Unlike some others here I will not start picking on devs or helpdesk operators, but I would realy like to play a normal game again.


correction: my Hero lvl = 1084

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Rowanne is definitely broken. She’s not even wiping a team of mechs on normal difficulty with 45 armour!


And should a satyr musician have the same sound effect as elywyn? He’s got a lute, that sounds more like an electric guitar, but too many troops share sound effects. It’s a bit of a cop out imo.

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PS4… New issue that just started today. Every single time I try to open the chat my game crashes and restarts.


Impossible to access to guild chat now. (6 circles turning indefinately and forced to reload game)
Also sometimes the guild roster dont appear, that was already the case before update. Closing menu and reopening it fix the problem.

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Yeah the chat is still completely broken on Xbox. Endless loading and it often freezes the game

Xbox player

Chat is even more broken for me than it was before. When I try to load chat, it brings up a blank pop up and makes the game behind it look distorted. The worst part is, the controls no longer respond in game and the only button that works is the Xbox button. I can not select either blank button on the prompt or push B to cancel or any other combination. All dpad and analog directionals, A,B,X,Y,L1/2,R1/2, ect do nothing. When I push the Xbox button, it will take me back to the dashboard where I can close the game and restart it all over again.

This happened to me 3 times last night immediately when I would click on in game chat. A fourth time I tried and the chat loaded.

Has anyone else been having issues with “this battle has already finished” errors? I hadn’t seen this since the server migration was completed, but my wife and I are both getting tons of these when we play ranked PVP since the update. We’re on PS4 in Canada.


I had it happen once on Xbox last night while doing PVP. I had already won the match, but it counted it as a loss.

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Horrible day to play today on xbox, chat is broken and if you push the chat button while you do pvp fight (kinda my fault bad habit) you still can finish the match but you will need to deal with unstopping loading animation in center of the screen so you don’t see gems under and if you try to do magic the game will freeze and in the top of that you win fight and get lost and now i just finished a pvp fight and getting server error problem, so gonna be another lost

Hey guys, looks like the chat servers are having issues on all problems. We’re currently taking a look but don’t have an ETA for a fix at this time.

Chat should be back up.

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Dragon souls magic says 8 damage x 3 dragon troops.
I had 3 other dragon troops and the damage was 20.
It should be 24 or 32 if counting dragon soul also.

Thanks for the reports, we’ll investigate them and add them to the list.

As far as we’re aware, Freeze & Stun should be working as intended. If you could provide a video of the behavior you’re seeing, it would help us track down what the issue.

@Xbox_guy: This is the correct behavior. The tooltip can be a bit misleading, but the damage is calculated as the number of dragon troops x3, including The Dragon Soul itself. Which would be 12 extra damage on a team with all dragons.

I shared a few clips and screenshots on my xboxlive account Michael6369. I can make more if you want as it is persistant.
Also applied a ticket to zendesk @Lila36