Console 2.0.5 Known Issues

Hmm, I have noticed something a bit unusual the last couple of days, I am consistently getting tribute from only 1, 2, 3 or 4 kingdoms at most every time I collect it.

All my kingdoms are 5 stars apart from 2 and never seen such poor results from them until recently. Maybe the RNG is just being “mean” to me, would be understandable but seems odd :cry:

Just curious if other people are getting rubbish tributes too lol.

@Alpheon I’ve had about 5 ranked pvp battles today where it appears that I am not receiving any trophies. I have seen this a couple of other times recently. At the victory screen everything looks normal except there is no number under the trophy icon. On the next screen where it adds up your points it does not show any trophies. The battle log in pvp shows the points from the battle. The activity log in my guild does not have any entry showing that I earned the trophies.

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Tribute does seem to be off. Hard to tell for sure though.

My kingdoms aren’t as advanced as yours, but I had a 9 kingdom tribute yesterday, along with a single and a 3. Seems normal to me.

Today I have had 3, 6, 1 & 4 kingdom tributes so far which doesn’t seem too bad. Last couple of days I was seeing a lot of 1s, but this is of course possible, just RNG being unfavourable. Maybe I have actually been on a long streak of good luck all this time lol.

I haven’t checked my tribute calculator in a while, but I think I had an expectation of an average of something like 3 kingdoms per check before my last round of upgrades (got another kingdom to 5 and a few more to 3). You should probably expect an average of 4+ kingdoms per check. Getting 1 should be fairly improbable for you, but not crazy improbable. 3, 6, 1 and 4 sounds reasonable on the surface.

Hey there, sorry for the late reply. Are you finding this is still happening? Is it also happening on all your options for opponents on PvP?

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I haven’t had it happen since my post. I think it mostly happened with 2 trophy opponents.

I was just explaining the game to someone else and noticed the SCOUT functionality is incredibly inaccurate.

When you look at their troops is shows one set of numbers numbers. Like Scouting Pride Hunter at 10/17/23 then in battle is not even close 4/2/6. Same will ALL troops so far I’ve looked at.

screenshot on pc

Have just downloaded this game on xbox 1 and when I start the game the loading bar gets to halfway then I get a notification saying ERROR 503. I have tried uninspiring it several time and still carnt play it. My son managed to download it on his xbox yesterday and works fine for him. Any solution on how to fix it?

Hi Conner,

We’ve actually moved over to the new 2.1.5 Known Issues thread, however we were experiencing heavy server issues yesterday. We should be seeing this back to normal shortly. We’ll investigate the cause of your issue and let you know when its resolved.

Thank you very much