Consistent Game Crash After Update, Application Won't Load

Following the game’s most recent update for the iOS, I am unable to access gameplay. The application will no longer load on my device, even after repeated attempts to uninstall the game, and then reinstall it. I understand that for most who have posted content pertaining to this issue, specifically as it relates to iOS-based platforms (iPhone, iPad, et al.), that this malapropism has been rectified, however, in my case, it has not. The loading screen for the application appears briefly, only to have its process summarily terminated. Prior to the 4.3 system’s upgrade this never occurred. I am open to suggestions about how I would go about resolving this dilemma, as this is extremely vexing.

Which iOS device do you have and which version of iOS?

I’m getting suspicious there’s something out there that’s not supported and they didn’t realize it.

The current operating system format I am using is iOS 9.3.5. If you examine the Gems of War application, specifically its compatibility with regard to Apple’s OS versions, it clearly states that the gameplay capability of said extension applies to iOS 8.0 and above, and yet, each time I attempt to employ basic game function by selecting it on the main screen, I cannot progress beyond its routine loading protocol. However, as I stated previously, this was not an issue with the 4.2.5 installation.

Which hardware? Are you the person who was using an iPhone 4S and was having issues getting the game to load?

No, Grundulum, though I am vaguely familiar with the thread you speak of. The hardware I am using is an iPad Mini Version 1. I just added the Gems of War application to my Android device which I had hoped I wouldn’t need to resort to as its memory capacity is lower than that of the Apple instrument, as is its screen size; however, given that Gems of War is a guilty pleasure I am wont to do without, I am grateful to be playing again.

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