Confused about "Warlord's BattleCry"

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Describe your issue:
Been playing for a couple of weeks. Got the “Warlord’s BattleCry” weapon yesterday.
Had enough ingots so I upgraded it to the max.
After playing a bit I noticed that some of the upgrades weren’t activating. I looked at the weapon again and the upgrade menu was completely different - now requiring mythic ingots (my qty = 0)

What’s up?

Left pic is more-or-less what the weapon showed at first before I upgraded it.
Right pic is what it shows now.

Screenshots or video:

Where is the first picture from? It looks so old, lol. It’s both the same weapon, right side from in the game, left from somewhere else.

Warlord’s Battlecry is a mythic rarity weapon, those always require mythic ingots to upgrade.

What king of ingots did you use to upgrade your weapon? Maybe you were unintentionally looking at a different one? If you sort your weapons by “Upgradable”, the ones that have been upgraded will be shown on the bottom of the list.


hah! That was it. All the upgrades were for the “Axe of Chaos” and thought I was upgrading “Warlord’s BattleCry.”



What king of ingots did you use to upgrade your weapon?
Do we have kings of ingot now???