Competitive and Friendly CRIMSON SKY, RANK 33 *Recruiting OPEN*


Sorry, just joined another guild, gut ty a lot


PS4. Not sure my username didn’t work


I need your invite code, not your username


My apologies, l didn’t know there was such a thing for this game. Let me know where its located in the game and when l log on late tonight l’ll be sure to provide it. Thanks for your patience.


when the game loads, just hit options on the main screen and it will be on the bottom



Thx for the help.


will get you added before I get to bed tonight,welcome to crimson sky


Room for ONE more


Still Recruiting



I’m interested to join your guild, if you have enough space and nerves for me
I’m from Germany and I’m level 110

I try to play every day

Greeting from Kevin


I need your invite code and make sure you leave your current guild


My invite code is REHAEL

Thanks :slight_smile:


Invite sent


Hi, do you guys still have room - I’d like to join


I won’t know until reset, I’ll repost here when I know


Room for TWO lucky individuals to join the rank 21 Guild


Crimson Sky is a great guild. I would classify us as “casual-competitive”. We’re really friendly, welcome members who don’t have to be level 1000 (although we have a few that are close to that level), but are there to grow and willing to pull their weight.

Right now we’re in the midst of a slight “hoarding” to get the psn trophy for completing all tasks in a week, but generally we complete 2 or more full guild statues per week, while also chipping away at the other ones, which makes for some nice rewards. We easily hit 20,000 seals per week.

Guild requirements are easy to remember, at 50k gold, 50 trophies, 500 seals. Most go above and beyond that, but we also understand that people have lives as well and this way some weeks people can go above and beyond and others when life is busier, can still contribute the minimums.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, respond here with:


to be considered… we look forward to having you on the team!


ONE spot open…get it while you can


I play everyday and can easily contribute 100K gold and 100 trophies a week, level 126 invite code CREL_EHOD


Be sure to leave any guild you may be in and I will add you later