Community Created Fake Achievements

Since some of the latest additions to the GoW achievements are more luck based, we thought it would be funny to create some new fake achievements especially for those cursed by bad luck.

I present to you the community created bad luck achievements.


That’s a great list @Hawx! I’ve got a couple of suggestions to add to this list:

Where’s Nysha? - Open 100 E12 boss chests in a row without getting a single Nysha token

Die Already! - Win the battle after an enemy Infernal King resurrects himself 10 or more times in a single battle (any game mode)


Some proper lol moments during the “live show” haha! :sweat_smile:

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Loving a lot of those. Would maybe have left out the ones with real life or external website connections. Here’s three more

Turning tides - Defeat a complete enemy team after being down to one troop with <10% health

Trait-or - Have a troop die to an active trait, that consumes health for magic at 4-match

We could have been friends - Enter the game within the last 30 seconds of a pet hunt


Berzerk - Loose a PF in The Labyrinth with 4 troops alive vs 1 Horned Guardian

Loose Yourself - Use 2 different team slots for the very same team

Remember me? - Craft a GW team in 20 minutes or more just to realize that the next team slot has the exact same team which you used in the last gw already (or even the last battle)

Without Me - Use a troop with Mana drain for a GW battle to prevent Yao from casting just to realize mid cast that he is immune to it (or any other troop or even hero/troop with Stealthy)


And that’s why you kill the healer first - Quit a battle with all remaining own and enemy troops at 1000 health points


“Why won’t you just DIE???” - Infernal King respawns more than 5 times in a batlle

“Pet Food leaves a bad taste” - Get a Pet Gnome during a Pet Rescue Event

“35% is the new 100%” - Every time you kill a Bandit, another one appears

“Loyal PITA” - Having Drake Rider in the Level 20 Bounty Battle

“Life and Death, Death, Death…” - End up in a PvP battle that’s your Life and Death versus the enemy’s Life and Death

“Slip of the finger” - Accidentally make a 3 match instead of a four match because your finger didn’t land on the right gem. (Double points if the enemy then loops you to death)


There is so many fun ones in here!

I showed these all to the team this morning :laughing:


The Second Plague is Upon You.
The Hexed affix of your Essence of Evil activates 10 battles in a row.


Very funny @Hawx @XLS78.

here is mine
:trophy: Repetition makes perfect.
Have the same campaign task again and again.

:trophy: Distance means so little when someone means so much.
Missing 10th Crown for the day.


:trophy: Perfection 101
Fight more than 100 battles without encountering a bug

:trophy: Hattrick
Have three bugs impact you in a single fight

:trophy: Helpfool
Receive the Kingdom Helper offer every day for one week

:trophy: You got my back
Lose an Arena fight to a guild member

:trophy: Saved by the bell
Run out of time on the last Pet Rescue battle

:trophy: Shut up and take my money
Click on the Arena minigame by accident

:trophy: Bargain hunter
Buy a Daily Deal for $499.00

:trophy: Back for more
Get matched against the same opponent in Guild Wars you just lost against

:trophy: Found not guilty
Defeat a Pet Gnome on Wednesday


(Possibly) stupid question, in case I am missing an in-joke here: Who is Gary, mentioned in two of the starting post achievements? A chat bot? Haven’t met him yet, but I am rarely in global chat.

@gary_dils is @Hawx’s counterpart. He’s responsible for making the wonderful Discord bot that many guilds use, along with weekly guides and more!


That’s not how any of this works.

Cast Zuulgoth on a troop that is immune.

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Roller Coaster:

Have Cedric cast his spell enough times to put your team back in the original order.


Shameless admission, I love doing this :laughing:


You’re joking, right?

With empowered leprechaun on your team, have a board that starts with no green gems.


was just coming here to suggest “Eternal King” as the name for this after facing down a multiply-respawning Infernal King in a pet rescue.


Revenge of Hamburger

Lose to a team of 4 festival cows