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Exaclty what i do i play pvp until i reach 15k gold then i buy 50 gold chest and get average 20 glory

I dont have the best armor. But can win between 800 and 2000$ gold for a win so every 5-6 fight i buy gold chest so we can say approx 35-40 glory if we count the 3 glory per wins and not counting the 3 glory from def wins

Doing also average 10 maps very quickly give another 80-100 glory

What armor are you using?

Definitely agree there is enough glory floating around if you have kingdoms levelled and gold starred. But are we saying that logging in for 8 separate hours in one day is normal? I’m never at home, and awake, for 8 hours a day. Also not sure how common it is to have all level 10 kingdoms and 3, or even 1, starred kingdoms.

I still think selling glory would be a good idea for both sides. No big issue if it is not.

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The code is very simple - it’s all working properly as far as we can see.

The one issue that PC had for a while, months back, was a data problem where one kingdom in particular wasn’t on the “I can give tribute” list. But other than that the whole tribute system is pretty bulletproof.

Not sure of the name in english but it give me

50% gold
75% souls
25% xp

Relevant (if dated) post; I suspect this hasn’t changed much since then, but who knows:

Edit: sniped!

You need much more data.

I thought incorrectly, this too. So I kept HIGHLY detailed records (for awhile) and my tributes were almost spot on, after a sample size of over 200.

EDIT: my numbers before I move my home kingdom from Zijen were way out of bounds. Once I moved to Whitehelm things were spot on. (go figure)

@Mr.Strange ok thanks. If I notice it consistently staying unlucky, I’ll try to keep enough pictures so I don’t feel crazy.

@Rickygervais how do you get 2000 gold with that armor then?

Probably vip level 9

Edit my total is

225% gold
325 % souls
190% xp

Your scenario seems a little improbable to me, at least for a casual player. I’d say I’m a little more than a casual player in that every day, no matter what, I log in at least once, generally play for about an hour most days and once or twice a week enjoy a lengthier session of 3-5 hours. Getting to rank 1 each week is a no-brainer, but to log in 8 times a day on console would require me bringing my PS4 to work, or getting up a couple times in the middle of the night to log in. Neither of these would be healthy behaviours.

Your 16-18 glory per tribute sounds a little high as well, but I’m sure you’ve run the numbers on that. I assume that is all kingdoms at level 10, which I have not yet achieved (13 at 10 with the remainder around 6 or 7, increasing one at a time to maximum). Also, all kingdoms to power level 3 is a pretty end-game scenario. I’m level 260 and just got my first to 3 gold stars this past week. Only one other at 2 gold stars and I’ve made a conscious effort to pick all the low-hanging fruit.

Also, 30-60 glory per map seems a bit high, but perhaps you’re very good at that. The reward distribution is pretty random, but when I average around 60 moves, I feel like i see anywhere from 8 to 35 glory. 60 would be an extraordinary number for me. I have the 2 vault trophy (achieved after the drop to 8 starting turns), so its not like I suck at that minigame, either.


100% bonus for 200% total. So they’d need a base of about 1000 to get the 2000…

And I guess you play on Warlord I based on the numbers you posted?

I average 4 or 5 traitstones, so 60-89 moves most games. I have been trying to improve - my top score ever (after the 8 move change) was just shy of 200 moves. But that’s still way short of some of the numbers posted on the forums elsewhere!


I don’t know how the PS4 works with multi tasking but at I’ll keep Gems running in the background while the TV is on. During a commercial break collect tribute, takes 5-10 seconds or less. This might help getting an extra 2-3 tributes per day.

@Stan well said

All I will say to @Mr.Strange give me your map rng cause mine is no where near what your getting. Even with over 100 moves I’m lucky to get 20glory with the new map update.

On pc I get closer to what your saying but not on console :confused:

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He is probably getting that on PC. With the update that boosts the better chests by removing the junk.

This armor

Is it actually worthwhile if you don’t have level 10 kingdoms that are 1/3 starred?

I usually watch netflix (on my PS4) rather than normal TV, so I would need to close one to open the other, with the resulting wait times. I know there are opportunities to log in where I don’t (like before I leave for work in the morning), but I feel like that would be letting the game dominate my life (even more than it already does). For a casual gamer, 8 logins per day just doesn’t make any sense to me on console.

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Depends… When collecting tributes for a couple of days write down:

1 the number of times collected
2 number of Kingdoms that contributed
3 total Glory for that one collection

Decide for yourself

You can have the game and Netflix open at the same time on the PS4.

Ricky, that armor is unique for you. Ours is a black armor called shadow armor with the same stats. Like I said, the difference is that you’re on Warlord I as well.