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Coming soon to a console near you! (Weekly Event: Khaziel)

Event Keys are the best bet, Gem Keys contain a MUCH larger pool of Troops.

When you pull a Legendary out of an Event chest, it’s a Maw or a Celestial Traitstone

I’ve always found this to be a bit weird.

3 MAY surge: Sure, that makes sense. That’s what masteries are for, after all.
5 ALWAYS surge: Sure, a nice bonus for matching 5.
4 NEVER surge? Why? Shouldn’t 4 at least be in the “MAY” bucket?

@Sirrian, @Nimhain

My experience on Console is 3s and 4s MAY and 5s ALWAYS Surge

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@TaliaParks mate would a high mastery level have anything to do with it??
Your mana surges are CRAZY compared to mine.

Ah ok, ill save my gems for later and havent enough glory to get event keys that way either… im just a simple peasant. Im sure ill unlock maw in the future sometime

Changing the 5 to MAY surge does a lot to curb the runaway power of gem transformers. Which is part of the reason they are less dominant on console.

Fair enough, that makes sense. Still the fact that 4 never surge seems off, to me.

Yes, my Masteries are all 211-217.

You can always buy Event Keys with Gems if you want.

Here’s a tip: I save my Event Keys for new Kingdoms. I had 84 for Drifting Sands, pulled 5 Maws (and like 50 Sand Sharks)

But what’s the percentage? It does scale steeply above a certain point so even though the mastery if high the likelihood of triggering it isn’t near as great.

Mana surge % tops out at about 60%.

That’s what I was aiming at.

The one advantage t having it very high is that it makes Jinx far less effective since halving the score may only reduce the actual percentage by a few points compared to a mid level person who may notice it the most.

My Masteries are 67-68%

So 30-50 more points averages out to about 3-4% higher chances than me.

@death you should be hitting it in the 50% range at the least.

Wow, what mastery score do you have to get 67%? On PC/mobile I have a mastery score of ~330 per stat and that gives me 61%.


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I guess this is another area where PC and console differ. @Mr.Strange, is this intentional?

Just as a reference point, I have one mastery level on console at 158, and it gives me 61% as well. That’s less than half of your mastery level, yikes!

I took your advice and ended up buying 50 event keys. Got 2 Maw and based on the 5 you got from 80 keys it seems an effective way of getting a particular legendary.

Still missing a couple legendaries from existing kingdoms, likely buy another 50 event keys the next time one of their troops is the weekly event.

I need near 4000 glory for when the nobends show up. Better start spamming those treasure maps :sob:

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