Coming back from a break, would like a active guild!

Hi there! o/ So I was super into Gems for while and then took a massive break (about 3 years). I’ve been hooked again and looking for an active guild. I’m still trying to remember a few things but as long as the guild doesn’t mind me asking a question every once and a while I would make a great fit.

I am an adult, I play on Steam, Level 1,116. I have a remote job so when things are slow Gems is a great little side thing to do. I would rather not have to join a discord but do not mind if it’s a mandatory thing. My discord name is: Pebbster#4259

What I am interested in:

Gold Requirements: 500k min
Seals: MAX each week
Activities: Mandatory
Trophies: 100 Min

You might take a look at Dominant family

Discord makes organizing multiple guilds convenient, so it is a requirement.

Can you tell me a bit about the guild before I have to join a discord? :smiley: Thanks so much!

If you click the link you don’t really join the server right away but are directed to the lobby with more info and conversation with guild leaders to decide which of our guilds appeases and suits you the most.

But, in a few words, no unnecessary drama (which I find really important), advice and answers to any game related questions to the best of our abilities (as we have players all the way from beginners to veterans), reasonable requirements, appropriate rewards in return.

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Pebbster, your name is familiar. Perhaps from The Realm of the Undead, disbanded sadly.
I am now in a great independent guild, we may have a spot coming open next week.

We have a spot open! Flexible reqs but active players - always finish events and max seals early. Come say hi!


We have several guilds that may fit the bill.

The one im leading, DruidsAvengers, is looking for a new member.

We have a minimum of 800k gold, reach 40k seals each week, finish all guild events, and do all normal and 1 to 3 epic tasks each week and 70+ LTs during GW weeks.

There are other guilds as well in our alliance that you could check out. Discord is mandatory but we don’t expect a lot of chatter there.

It’s helpful, though, if you have questions about the game for example, or for accessing our resources like tower of doom scouting sheet.

You can find us here

Oh my goodness! Yes, like 3 years ago! How are you doing?

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Yes three years ago is what i was thinking. Doing great, thanks

i just posted this, we would love to have you on our team :slight_smile: