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:gem_doomskull: Come join the fAWRmily! Rank 7-454, GW[ ]2-64, 1 - 70+ Averaged Legendary Tasks Weekly, 40k chests, and 135 Unique Pets have already joined the fAWRmily (at least forty two members have 135). Click on me to be our 56,801st View! 150/150

Still have one opening. Position will close before reset. Apply asap!

Position is now closed.

Will have one position opening on 2/4/18.

A little more about us. We just hit 1 million Trophies as a guild at 409 days old.


And we hit 40k seals this week within 30 hours after reset. (2k seals were paid for)

So if you are super active and enjoy lots of rewards. This is the home for you.

If you aren’t Super Active, but are a Bad-A** in GW (must have bracket 1 experience) please also join our server. You and I will talk about possible options.

Thank you in advance.

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In less than 5 hours the open position will close for the week. If interested, please join our Discord or message me asap.

We are now full. Thanks for your interest.

Will have one opening on 2/18/18.

Update Position is now filled, still… feel free to join the server though.

Will have one opening on 3/11/18.

Position is now closed. Thanks.

Will have one position that opens on Sunday.

Will now have 2 positions open up for tomorrow.

Make that 3. (All positions open tomorrow)

It’s been a while since I’ve had to fill 4 slots. Last time was when 3.2 came out. I welcome the challenge, as you should welcome the opportunity. :grinning:

The 4 positions are now open. They will stay open until permanently filled or 4-1-18.

Update only 3 positions left. Join before reset to get 300 gems in your mail after reset just for being a member. :grinning:

Update…2 slots left. Let me know before they’re gone. :grinning:

If you want to join before reset you have less than 2 hours. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until sometime tomorrow at the earliest.

2 positions still open

1 position left. Apply asap!

We are now full. Thank you! If still interested you can contact me to put on a waiting list.