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:gem_doomskull: Come join the fAWRmily! Rank 7-454, GW[ ]2-64, 1 - 70+ Averaged Legendary Tasks Weekly, 40k chests, and 135 Unique Pets have already joined the fAWRmily (at least forty two members have 135). Click on me to be our 56,801st View! 150/150

Thanks to @en9nhcet making dreams come true. We are now full. Still feel free to join our discord server.

do i have clothes on in these dreams about me? :blush:

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I didn’t say MY dreams. Lol. :wink:

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Will have one position that opens and closes this Sunday.

If unable to get a new member. Position will close in 5 hours and will reopen next Sunday.

We are now full. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Will have one opening on Sunday, 11-26-17.

We are now full. Thank you. :blush:

Newest member (literally) didn’t keep their word. So we now have an immediate opening.

Now full. Thank you. :blush:

We have a member wanting to step down to our less active guild (Gems N Roses) this Sunday (12/3/17). If we are able to bring in a new member.

We will be full on Sunday. Thank you for your interest. :slight_smile:

Position will open and close tomorrow.

And just like that. Only one position still left.

Position is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

So here’s the deal. Our current expected opening on Sunday has already been filled. But after being a GM a year this Friday. I have noticed that a lot of players quit the game after an update. Sometime soon the newest update will be released. If history repeats itself. I will have more openings sooner than later. Please DM me if you are interested in joining us eventually. Thank you in advance.

No one left because of the update! :grin:
We’re full until 2018.

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Will have one opening this Sunday! (1/14/18)
Position won’t be open long so if interested. Please let me know asap.

Update. Position will be filled tomorrow. Thanks.

If you’re willing to endure the current state of the game for at least 6 more weeks. Please let me know. Losing at least one long time member who has ran out of patience for the game.