Combat ends before it ends

Platform, device version and operating system:
iPhone 7 with iOS whatever is current

Screenshot or image:
Don’t have one yet, if I set this up again I’ll get a video.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
In a very fiddly situation, combat will end while a ton of actions and animations are still pending. I would expect all of those things to complete, then the game ends. Instead, the game ends and moves on to rewards but keeps playing animations. I have a feeling this is related to several other affix-related bugs.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I’ve seen it 3 or 4 times over a couple hundred PvP matches. This is mostly because setting up the scenario is pretty fiddly and takes a bit of luck. I can say if all of the conditions are met, it happens every time.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Animation speed is 4x, not sure if it’s important, not changing it to find out.
  2. Hero must have +8 Flammifer. (In theory, I think +7 will work, but I have +8.)
  3. The opponent’s team must have 1 troop left. I’ve always seen this in slot 1 with a Bandit summoned by a hero in Slot 1.
  4. The opponent’s HP must be low enough that Flammifer’s ability will not kill it, but the +7 damage affix will.
  5. Cast Flammifer and target the sole remaining troop.
  6. Flammifer does its damage, the troop is in danger.
  7. The enemy is burned.
  8. Flammifer does 5 damage, the enemy dies.
  9. The game slows to 1x at this point. The Victory screen appears.
  10. The game transitions to the post-combat rewards screen, but the “give 1 mana to all allies” plays in the background. You can also see the sparkles and other effects happening as if the gems (which are no longer visible) are dropping and matching.

Getting to (5) reliably is sort of tough. A dev might be able to reproduce it fairly easy, but as I said in-game it can take me a lot of matches to get into this state. In theory, I think (2) could read “any weapon with a damage-dealing affix”. We have a lot of issues with those.

It implies game state can be modified from multiple independent threads, which is super dangerous. I think the game should let everything finish before it rushes off to the Victory screen.


This is working as intended! The turn finishes, everything finishes animating then the battle ends.
Everything is finished up properly.


That’s the opposite of what I described, I’ll try and get a video next time.

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I don’t have a video yet, but I have a different reproduction. The team is Flammifer / Yao Guai / Queen Titania / Tai-Pan. Nothing clever.

In the cases where Yao Guai kills the opponent by delivering the final damage via a 4/5 match, the game slows to 1x and, if there are enough cascades, the animation continues post-combat as described above.

Still working on a video, this isn’t a super easy situation to set up and it does seem like some work was done to make this less likely. I’m getting the feeling it may involve “which series of animations has played recently” but I’ll pay more attention.

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I think you’ve actually posted a screenshot of this once before, where you can see the flashes of gems matching in the background of the loading screen.

I actually also posed this question (re: Yao Guai’s third trait killing the last enemy and animation speed slowing down) to Ozball during the Halloween(?) stream last year, but I don’t think it translated all that well, and I think he gave a similar answer to Kafka above.

Edit: Ah, not you, sorry - the other forum poster whose name begins with ‘S’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::

Yes! That’s exactly it.

It’s just cosmetic, but it’s kind of weird?

Also I think Irongut’s trait can do it too. Haven’t seen the specific behavior I’m reporting, but it’s clear the game slows down the moment the 4th troop dies and before all cascades resolve.

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Oh its sooo weird lol.

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