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Corruption Trait Makes Matches End ... Oddly

Aha, been trying to get this documented right for weeks now…

Talking about Yao’s Corruption trait. Other traits may have similar results but this is the one I know for sure.

If I end a battle by killing the last troop with this trait, a bunch of things can happen. Namely, the fight will slow down by a lot while its doing the remainder of the board animations, in a similar fashion to it slowing down when you’ve clicked on a troop card while the board is in motion.

What is less common is this - if there’s a significant cascade happening, the animations can carry over to the victory screen. I’ve got a screenshot - finally - of some mana effects happening.

I’ve not seen this barrier show up before though, or if I did I wasn’t looking. (Top-left corner.)

The barrier stuck around until I got back to the PVP menu.

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I think of it as the GoW version of “FATALITY!!”

Hell, we have a Rope Dart too…