Cobra Commander

If only there was a troop that (almost) all the players have at least one copy of that is immune to transform. :thinking:
Also, it’ll just keep transforming the same troop in theory if it casts multiple times in a row.

Finally doom troop will be useful for
Something :slight_smile:


Hum? am missing something? hardly a lvl 200+, empowered too, baby dragon is scared of an AW, unless you mean with hoard lvl 5000.

But feel free to hf with that osom combo in delve, i will keep to NOT use DE in delve like i always did.

Oh and while you’re having fun wasting turns after turns turning the last troop the lvl 400+ on first slot will skullroflstomp your whole team more likely.

But well, was about time, no more DE in GW (to which i lost only once but is still too much luck based for my like).

Doesnt players’ baby dragon always transfer to a level 20 dragon (or its max level in the players deck)? Which means you cant kill their last slot unless you extra turn from dragons eye cast

Prediction!!! In 2 days we will see a new thread

“Nerf Ropedart” lol who want to bet?


It’s just weird how it’s upgrades make it an actual better weapon.


Regarding the new weapon, you guys know that the undead class, necromancer, has a bonus for using purple weapons, right?

I mean, it’s already the worst class, and you give him a weapon with the wrong colors? Where is the love!

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S E X Y snake !!

And the troop of invasion creates 7 skulls. This week we will have skulls salad and 90% of the time we will eat it ourselves


When blessing prevents transform now, why nerfing the weapon then? The “couple of small changes” made it the most useless weapon now :smiley:

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It’s still great for offence (especially when used in tandem with a troop-rearranging spell), but it does mean it can’t be used to :eggplant: people in defence any more, true.

Transform still count as a kill so it’s still useful in gw if you want opponent to score less points

Btw just switch deep borer for dust devil or bulette and you still got annoying team :stuck_out_tongue:


That is hysterical!! :laughing:

Welcome DE nerf is long overdue but better later than never. Now, if only we can get rid of some other random annoyances. As of now, GoW is a complete slot machine in PvP and majority of the events. One still can beat it most of the time although it is getting more and more annoying with every empowered and random card. Stripping the need to think is good but only to an extent. Next meta is coming and all we would have to do is move some random squares on a random board and get random results.

Not random means I can plan for it. It’s a nerf.

I feel this troop should be classified as Undead/Naga not Undead/Monster


So now that DE is useless can we get our mythic ingots refunded?

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They should offer a refund for this kind of change, but I’m not sure whether the weapon UI code currently supports a Refund button. If it doesn’t support that (they can’t add support for it without a client update, and you know how long that takes), then it would be nice if they just proactively refunded everyone.

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DE isn’t the only thing annoying with this. Yao-Guai with Tai-Pan is just as anoying but at least I lose in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.

Empowered converters was the worst thing ever added in to this game. I would rather have another massive task nerf than this rubbish.