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Club post, shares, and comments are vanishing on Xbox

Fix one thing, another messes up, such is life.

Global and guild chat are working at the moment, but have notice that there is an issue with clubs.

Posts, shares, and comments are disappearing. It is not a edit-happy administrator deleting things. It is not just one club either.

But let’s say you will receive “notification” that a response or a mention has occurred and when you click to open, nothing of the sorts is there.

I have made posts in my own club and an hour or two later they are gone. I have shared in my club and other clubs and they vanish. I have checked with the administrator/owner of those clubs and they did not delete them.

None of the posts met with any violation of community standards, mine were simple stuff like a link to my instagram page of artworks in my chatting club, or something like a clip of a suggested pvp / guild war team build. Harmless, innocent posts, poof, vanish!

It is not just me, but other people’s comments and shares and posts are disappearing from clubs.

Please when you get a minute, check into it.
Thanks =^.^=

I’ve seen that problem too. That would be a Microsoft issue, I’ve never reported XBL Club issues before but this might be where to start:

Try ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom.

Hope that helps.