[CLOSED] GoW Manager - A new tool for managing your game data

Updated again - Bone Naga in, Frost Lizard out.


New Mythic added


Updated (for May 8th)

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Minor update on Elemaugrim’s trait.

Updated (for May 15th)

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Updated (for May 22nd)


Updated (for May 29th)

Tiny update (Sekhma’s little nerf)

New mythic added


Updated (for June 5th)

Updated for June 12th

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Minor update (reword on Dark Priestess)

Updated for June 19th

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Updated for the major rework of troops. Not sure how we’ll handle the new files now that the images are not accessible as before…

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#About the changes in 3.0.5
With Unity assets packed, compared to the previous file system in GoW, it’s now impossible to extract image files from within the game.

I don’t know right now if we’ll be able to make the proper changes in order to make GoWM doesn’t look bad, with tons of “No Image” images getting more and more numerous as troops and kingdoms are released. New trait icons also wouldn’t be able to be retrieved, as well as new kingdom banners.

#What I did
To prepare for the inevitable, I went ahead stopped using any images that were imported from the game. Here’s how it looks now:

#How did I do that?

  1. First, go to %AppData%\GoW Manager\CustomData (type that in Windows Explorer or similar) and I moved the imgs folder somewhere else (if you delete it, you won’t be able to retrieve it again!)
  2. On %AppData%\GoW Manager\CustomData\default-imgs I changed 5 files: no-image (to a transparent image of the same size) and the trait flags (if you still have the official trait files, you can use them to replace the ones in default-imgs). Here they are, if you want them:






3: I’ve played with settings a little bit until I was satisfied with the results. You can use the preview mode to try out whatever is best for you. If you want to know what settings I’m using, check this:

#What now?
I’ll keep updating GoWM as new troops come out, as I think ashtender wasn’t affected (or maybe @Lyya found a workaround for this) by this major update. GoWM won’t look as nice, but it’ll still work as intended.

Ideally, we might some day change the layout considering that we won’t ever import images again, but that’s not very likely to happen, at least in the foreseeable future, although I did have a few ideas for it: http://imgur.com/a/cjs3h

I hope you can still enjoy GoWM!


#Shutting down

Unfortunately, due to the recent migration to Unity, I’ve just found out that I won’t be able to keep updating GoWM. Because of this, I’m shutting down GoWM indefinitely. =(

If there are any change, and we ever decide to revive GoWM, I’ll make sure to inform you guys, but right now, I don’t see it happening.

Sorry for the trouble!