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Cliffy error and server issues

15414025927472093938498505188345 Can’t have a new mode without the issues. Smh

Signed out and reset my game and the greatest server issues right off the bat. Got into a PVP match and got the Cliffy error. I wonder how many trophies I’ll get for that?

15414029338393577263391933365629 Anyone have any tips on how to beat the loading Circle.1541402984326587713570843297323

For once console users are ahead of PC/mobile! I am on iOS and can’t even connect to servers to load the game. At least you can start a match before the server errors catch you.

(This is a known issue, by the way. Seems a lot of people are excited about this new mode, which has overwhelmed the GoW servers.)

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I had to hit retry a couple of times before I could even get into the game. And now I have encountered another Cliffy error after a PVP match which is going to give me my second loss in PvP battles.

Happens every time more than 25 people get on game at once I guess…….kind of stupid if you ask me.

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