Class filter menu has plenty of bugs and fails

  • class filter menu saves the last selection regardless (even when going back to main screen without saving the filter)
  • in most cases you have to swipe to the left once you selected something (also showin in some cases that no class could be found in the background even when it shows some classes)
  • whats the matter of filter classes by boss, doom, gnom, or tower??? they could be added on release if neccessary
  • same for apocalypse and vault???
  • filter by level sets the classes from Z-A (couldnt proof if there is a level order coz all classes are on 20 already)
  • why not add a filter by champion level, fully traited and obtained class weapon (useful for beginners)

I just took what I already wrote in the 6.4 announcement so it won’t get lost coz of the whole UI discussion over there…

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Text search also doesn’t work. It would be very helpful if it did.


It’s ok for me to see all these filter option.
You choose Apocalypse, no class
You choose Wargare, no class.
Its good to see there is none available if someone try to search by them.

The only thing is not working is searching text through the talent. I would like to see the classes with banishment talent if i write in search filter “banish”


Yeah, text search for talents would make it hugely more useful to me.

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Hear, hear!

Great, I thought, if I need a class that has eg Firestorm, I can just search on that…

… oh, no I can’t… :rage: :rage: :rage:

Unless you’re going to memorise every Talent Tree, this is a waste of space.

Did nobody on the Development Team even think that this would be useful? It would not exactly be difficult to program…