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Classes listing is available @ crazygems.ru

The tool that lists all available classes in GoW with the possibility to filter them by the talent tree branch is available at https://crazygems.ru/classes.php?lang=en

It will be quite useful for those who are still confused by the traits and talents of all classes, especially for newbies. The recommended screen resolution is 1920x1080.

The tool supports 6 languages: cn de es it ru us


German please :slightly_smiling_face:

Safe to assume the filter only works on PC? (I can’t see such an option on Mobile.)

@awryan Nope. Works on both - desktop and mobile:

Little green plus near the talent branch name :wink:


I did that earlier and just now again. For me on Chrome mobile it just takes away the green + from say forest. And then if I do the same to wind and cunning then all the classes are removed from my screen. With no ability to make any changes to the website. Almost like a freeze but hard to say since it’s not a motion asset.

Clicking on +Forest will list all Classes with the Forest Talent Tree (i.e. adds the Forest Filter)

Top left Red Cross removes all filters, so all classes should be displayed.

Tried on PC and Android Chrome, works here.
:blush: :vulcan_salute:


filter seems to be working for me on my Galaxy Note10+ Android 10 using chrome. Clicking the + symbol does cause it to ‘disappear’, but I can then swipe left and see all the classes associated with the class + I selected

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That’s impossible. Keep in mind that the same talent branch may be in multiple classes. Try filtering 2 branches simultaneously

Thanks man. Very cool tool .

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I like this one. Lets you filter on classes by traits/trees.

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Added 2 more languages: German and Italian

Irrationally upset by this:


Why? Is the info incorrect?

No, the indentation of the first trait vs 2nd and 3rd.


Ah… sense of the perfection =) Sorry, otherwise it would be too big to fit the page height (on some screens even this requires some scaling) =(

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Is it better now? (Ctrl+F5)

I’ve wanted Class filtering by talent trees in-game for a while now, so it’s nice to at least have that realised here :relaxed:. Really nice!


unrelated to classes, but related to the site, is there a way to filter the localization page to just show most recent additions/changes? (say within the last month, or even additions/changes based on date of upload like Tarans used to do)

added doesn’t show enough and viewing everything is just a bit too much

Unfortunately, I’m going to drop this page as it requires additional development however I’m not interested in it.

Thank you for the work you put in. So far, so good.

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