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Chuck Norris Gems of War Facts

The exists a man in all of creation that is very blatantly above all other men, this is true even in the realm of Gems of War, this one man is known throughout all of Earth as well as Krystara as

#Chuck Norris

This thread is set aside to detail all of the Legend’s great many very true factoids of his accomplishments in the Gems of War game and community

I’ll kick things off:

Fact number 1:

Chuck Norris is so overpowered, the AI would not allow players to face him being the only player to reach level 9001…the day before the games release

God you’re old…

This guy down here is the new fave now…


Chuck Norris doesn’t have to fight your team. He just laughs at it and it collapses in despair.

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Chuck Norris needs a nerf imo


Love that anime. :smile_cat:

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What show is it?

One Punch Man

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Chuck Norris is so tough that Gorgotha needs HIM to be the tank.


When Chuck Norris first arrived in Kystara, it was via inter-dimensional portal.

As he lay face down on the lush green ground of Divinion Fields, a Green Seer happened by, still nude from her dip in a nearby spring. Chuck Norris proceeded to strike oil, becoming the wealthiest noble in Adana (Constructs need fuel).

The lovechild of Chuck Norris and that Green Seer still runs amok in the Forest of Thorns. You all know him by his nickname, Gloom Leaf.


I once heard Chuck Norris and Queen Mab hooked up, needless to say… hell froze over from her orgasm…


Chuck Norris fought his toughest opponent ever once, it took him a whole 57 seconds to roundhouse kick him to death, he enjoyed the extended workout so much he made this Daemon King, and allowed him to resurrect so he can roundhouse kick him whenever he pleases, this Daemon’s name is “Infernal”

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Name: Chuck Norris
Rarity: Omniscient
Type: Human (allegedly)
Mana: 3 Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple/Brown
Spell: Roundhouse Kick (Deal True damage to an enemy and a random enemy equal to their Life)
Traits: Impervious, Empowered, Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger: 100% Skull and Spell damage reduction when attacked. 50% chance to destroy attacking enemy, shuffle the board and gain an Extra Turn.


Is he the Gesus in RN?

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This seems very likely

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I agree mostly with your assessment of the Chuck Norris on all details but 1:

Chuck Norris is a much higher rarity then Mythic

Agreed, changed to Omniscient


Chuck Norris’ beard grants him 100% skull damage reduction

Men and women have been crafting, studying and refining a blade that they hope will one day shave chuck norris’s beard. Chuck norris commissioned the blade many years ago but no one has been able to craft one that works. Millions of dollars are spent trying to craft the blade that will cut his hair.

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Chuck Norris’ third trait is: Resurrects with 100% chance unless damaged by Bruce Lee.