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Cheating has become so prevalent on PC/Mobile

Cheating has become so prevalent on PC/Mobile that services are even being solicited. I assume for a profit of some sort but I didn’t bother to inquire before banning them from our server.

Suggestion (not a demand for those who can’t tell the difference) please do better to police this shit devs.

Also… don’t share your account information with strangers.

Game offers plenty of pay to win options. Please don’t feel like paying others to play for you is a viable option.


Huh. This is not a niche market I would have expected. Kinda crazy to think that GoW is big enough to warrant such “businesses” forming around it.

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Nothing here worth paying for ; today or tomorrow. And cheating against an awful RNG , just a waste of time.

Imagine liking the game so much that you want to pay someone who isn’t the game developer so you can enjoy the game even more when you do play.



That’s just crazy, I would never want anyone to get in my profile and start playing with it… As it came to a top ranked guild one can only wonder if the other top guilds got the offer too, or if someone has actually ordered the service… @awryan you should have played along for awhile to see how much those services cost, just out of curiosity… That can’t be a thing in this game…


Just say no. To be clear, cheating is when players are doing something not allowed.

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Anywhere there’s someone willing to pay for a thing, there’s usually someone willing to sell them that thing.

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Where are the rules anyway?

I’m just looking at 505’s terms of service here: 505 Games » 505 Mobile Games – Terms of Service

One of the things it includes is:

You agree to abide by certain rules of conduct. Among other actions, you agree that you will not: …
7. attempt to gain access to another user’s Account or password.

And this would be breaking that, at a minimum. But it doesn’t say anything about sharing your account, which historically has been allowed on GoW. Until there’s a rule that says you’re not allowed to pay someone to play for you, this is technically not against the rules, is it? :thinking:

Just thinking out loud here. It definitely doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the game, but if there’s no rule against it, is it cheating? You can’t “police” it if you don’t expressively prohibit it.


That’s a very confusing fine line.

On one hand, as you stated, there’s someone trying to gain access to another user’s account (against the rules). Hereafter called situation A.

On the other, there’s consent in providing your account information so as to share it (not explicitly prohibited). Hereafter called situation B.

But if you provide your credentials (situation B), thereby sharing your account, that’s supposedly allowed. Unless they somehow block you from accessing your account (A), but it was consensual (B), except it was actually a phishing scam all along (A)… and round and round we go.

In the end, it all comes down to what was eloquently said here:

I am assuming 2 machines cannot access the same account simultaneously.

Imagine giving them access and subsequently they never give it back. They run the game 24 7 365. And also do something that breaks the rules and gets you banned.

Though the message said “we don’t cheat or use bots” I’m inclined to believe that the person sending me the message is full of shit. Their discord account was less than 3 days old. It’s probably just one of 100 accounts they have in use.

My theory is that SOOO MANY cheating accounts aren’t being banned that they are willing to outsource their services to legit players.


We also had 2 accounts join our discord as well with the same copy and paste message

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We live in a world where it seems some people earn enough money, probably by working hard and long, to pay someone to do their hobbies for them.

What a concept…

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To the recruiters of other guilds, we had such a profile visit us (Anonymous Guardians). Upon asking “Are you casually visiting or looking for a guild?”, they said they prefer talking in DM. The account name was GemsofWar.

This is what our GL got to hear from them:

And of course, they got banned immediately.


It’s not. What that phrase means is that you aren’t allowed to break into the account of other players, similar to breaking into the house of other people.

It seems to be in the spirit of the game. It’s multiple persons playing the same account, which the devs have stated in the past they are perfectly okay with. What the devs aren’t okay with are accounts being played by bots, those accounts eventually get banned, sometimes weeks later.

Now, extensive farm services, for money, offered to a huge number of guilds. Good thing it’s guaranteed to be “bot/hack free”, zero risk of losing your account, right?

We also had an account like that join our server and give the same message. I told them exactly where to go and have also reported them

I’ve always had luck with the verses dropping, until this weekend. So, it does make me wonder what is the prize for someone else playing for you as you go to bar… With this luck I’m mostly just waisting my time and weekend. As I am starting to think someone might actually pay for this kinda service and as it is allowed, why not just add it to the daily offers, 6 hours of explore on a chosen kingdom, the prize is the determined by the level…

Devs are ok with multiple people playing same account because it doesn’t cost them money so they don’t care. No different really to streaming your gw battles so others can tell you every move to make. However I’m sure paying someone else to boost your level/resources etc. instead of spending money in the shop IS something they care about lol.

You are a great example why account sharing should not be allowed, how many hours of grinding you have done by now? It’s hard work towards a game/profile and someone else is offering a way to dodge that. On the other hand I am far behind from some players in many things, because I am mostly f2p. But that money is payed to the company, if someone wants to advance faster…

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They don’t, they won’t get involved as long as it’s a human playing, not a machine. Otherwise they’d have to deal with various flavors of “okay”, “still okay”, “not quite okay” and “not okay”, like:

  • Letting your kids play.
  • Asking your kids to play for extra pocket money.
  • Letting your neighbor’s kids play.
  • Asking your neighbor’s kids to play for extra pocket money.
  • Asking a guild member to play so the guild gets extra rewards from completed event stages.
  • Asking a complete stranger to play for a small payment.

They have no way of telling whether an account is shared the first way or the last way, or if it’s just the account owner playing on multiple devices, so they won’t even try. Which is a pretty sensible decision in case they want to run a game instead of a complaint hotline. Note that the account owner is still responsible for everything the person playing does, so letting a complete stranger pilot your account might not qualify as sensible decision.