Cheap annoying defense -> 4xAstral Spirit (double buff)

I think, summoners are compulsory/high important this week.

grrr, no pain no gain

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I am torn as to if this week is cheesier than the 4x Bombot week or not. Griefer defenses everywhere, haha.

On green and purple day Spirit Fox is your friend.

Stronger variation: 3xAstral Spirit+Kerberos

This (4x Astral Cheese) epitomises for me why I think the 50% stat buffs aren’t the best way to have weekly events creating variety…


While i completely agree with that, i have to say anything that isn’t FamineX is a welcome sight for me at this point, regardless of how dumb it might be.


How about Famine AND Astral Spirit :smiling_imp:

Devs just nerfed Scale Guard in the patch 3.0.5 to prevent this kind of situation… and now we are going to have a week full of 4xAstral Spirit or 3xAS+X…

Could devs just remove Empowered to all these troops doing a good amount of damage (AS and Fox)?


I don’t think making average or below average performing troops worse, is the right way to approach this problem.


It’s not a question of average or not, the issue is that Empowered troops should not do damage (or very few like Dust Devil) to avoid this situation. As said, they just nerfed Scale Guard for that…

4xAstral Spirit means 2 troops killed… Remove the true damage and put whatever other effect (give Life, change “remove” for “destroy”, summon a bonestorm and then remove the gems, etc.).
If devs are going to do the same than that they did with Scale Guard, let’s save a week and just nerf her now.

I don’t think I will have that much issue with this kind of defense, but I guess that as usual it’s the low level players who are going to have difficulties… But it’s only a guess ;-).

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Well i don’t know why they nerfed Scale guards, i think it has more to do with their poison spellboost, but i haven’t read any explanations from the Devs yet so it is only speculation.

Uhm i don’t think so, their damage is not that brutal even with event bonuses, and it is at least a bit predictable.

If event bonuses make a troop dangerous that isn’t normally, then lets start changing the events before you nerf troops that aren’t even in use outside of event buff weeks.

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then the event bonuses are working the way they are intended. Once again the problem here isn’t the event bonuses, its the uninspired use four copies of the same troop.

Also, I don’t understand you people. you complain about a stale meta for the last several weeks. Weeks where there were very few troops with a 50% bonus. We finally get an event that gives 50% to several troops and you want to nerf the event bonuses and go back to the stale meta you’ve been complaining about.

That’s racist.

But to be serious, one can dislike the stale meta and ask for the Devs to do something about it and still have the opinion thet buffing random troops by 50% every week is a terrible way to go about it.

Agree. I don’t think this is the “best” way, but it’s better than doing nothing, and at least makes the meta have a tiny bit of variety. So I’m glad for the event bonuses, at least until they have time to improve it to something else.

I also don’t find the Astral Spirit a problem. Haven’t lost more than 1 troop to them in a battle, and the AI is really dumb with them, so no threat at all. Just a minor annoyance, but way less annoying than Famine teams.

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On the contrary, it is the best way to test which troops need more permanent buffs one kingdom at a time.

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I am not debating you on whether the event bonuses are good or bad, we just have a different opinion about it, i was merely pointing out that disliking the event bonus system and disliking a stale meta are not mutually exclusive.

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Devs changed Empowered so it seems to me that it was the issue with this troop… They could spam their spell and killed at least one troop.

AS does 27 true damage without the gem bonus (let’s say +3) and/or sentinel bonus. So Paragon (worst case) should do something like 38 true damage…

Yes devs can blacklist some troops so these troops will not get any event bonus.
But why we don’t use AS? Because other troops do better true damage than her and “remove gems” does not bring any mana…

Will you really enjoy a fight against 4xAS? Not me.
Moreover, it’s boring to see AS casts because of the “remove effect” that can create 4-turns… So more RNG crap.

Else, I don’t have that much issue with fighting against the same team: the only way to avoid META is to increase the number of OP troops, but devs prefer to nerf (say the guy asking for a nerf… ;-)). What I’m against is stupid mechanics: drain all or devour or DM or event boosted troops with Empowered that can 2xshot your troops.

Yes. I enjoy the challenge of every fight. I enjoy looking over an enemy team and thinking of how I’m going to mitigate their strategy and still make it out with at least one living troop at the end. This is why I play games. Not to spend my time doing the same mindless chore over and over for a participation trophy at the end. I want a mental challenge, not a second job that doesn’t give me a paycheck.


Maybe ‘unique’ troops should be buffed more, even event buffed?
stat % bonus only to unique troops in the team ? (if placed two same troops they would loose event stat bonus in that team)
also maybe better team bonuses for 3 and 4 unique of a kind?

Personnaly, I don’t see any challenge in this 3-match game… maybe GW with the color-of-the-day teams.
For the AS, you will surely resign to lost your 1st troop, maybe the 2nd one too. After they have fired, they are not that difficult to handle if you have a summoner. Or use Fox to counter.
My issue is that this mechanic (ie Empowered 2xshots troops) seems to be out of devs’s control/wish and I just took example on a recent nerfed troop (Scale Guard). Maybe I’m wrong and devs are going to say so ;-).

Sadly, the game seems to go in the grinding way (cough cough 3.0.5 speed up feature). PVP, the main “unlimited” feature of this game, rewards each week the best grinders. Etc.

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