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And people say there are no mythic drops in legendary tasks…Okay, I got one from the chest when it was first released.

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How about the ultimate challenge? I’m also counting you @Tacet

Not 1, not 2 but 4 Zuul’goths!

Was using event keys to max igneus, i still need 4 copys but i stopped at 400+event keys at least i got this useless troop again.


I needed 11 copies of Pygga. I had the event keys so I figured why not? :grinning:
First 200 keys

Second 200 keys

Then switched to 50 keys at a time. Probably used 300 to get him again.

I only had one prior to release week. :grinning:


Lmao, im gonna try using 2 of them. TWINFERNUS!

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We have a new Mythic coming this friday, and you both could have waited a little longer and maybe get some copies (saving some Event Keys) while chasing the Mythic anyway. Low chance, but still…

How long ago did Pygga come out?
That was my original plan to just get him from chests but I was averaging like one copy a month. But I had 4kish event keys just collecting dust so I figured f it. Will I do it again? Probably not. Lol… But I didn’t think it would take a 1k keys to get Pygga to Mythic rarity. After the second Infernus it was more about seeing how many more Infernus I could get before I got Pygga leveled up.
But yes… The best plan would of been to wait until Friday. Get the new Mythic and then use event keys for Pygga. I agree.

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Since September Lava's in the Air
Did you actually forgot to buy enough copies?

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I should be “aight”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself for Friday)

Nah. Chose not to. Thinking I would get enough copies from chests before I needed it to level up the kingdom. I was right? :grinning: Lol.
Didn’t think Broken Spire would repeat so soon… But yeah the plan worked. :person_shrugging:
I got more than enough of the new epic troop and didn’t need to buy it from the glory shop.
Working on maximum efficiency. The glory shop isn’t that efficient if you don’t need TS.

But glory is so easy to accumulate. What are you going to spend that glory on if not maxing new glory shop troops? Using the glory on event keys is way less efficient than the glory shop. :thinking:

I’ll just hoard it with the rest of my resources. For a while I always got the glory troop to Mythic. Now I’m going about it a different way. I don’t care about the Ascension leader boards…I only care about kingdom stars… They’re Max… And have always been Max for almost a year now. :person_shrugging:
The Lowest TS I have is 216 Arcane Spirit… So next time we have a purple/blue glory troop I’ll stock up.
So the glory shop is very situational. Last week’s I bought to Mythic, this week I used event keys.

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For most rarities, and in many cases, I would tend to agree. Not epics that are available in glory packs, though. Epic is the most oversatured drop table in the game for any given key type that has them, and it will continue to get worse and worse because this is the home of all the Siegebreaker/Godslayer troops.

Warning: Drop Rate Calculations

For reference, the chance of pulling a specific epic, at this point in time, is about 1 in 4011 for glory keys, about 1 in 1382 for gem keys and 2 in 329 (about 1 in 164) for VIP keys. This means you’ll get on average, less 2 of every epic for each mythic you obtain with glory keys and less than 3/4ths of one for each mythic you obtain from gem keys. Assuming you just open these key types for mythics (and the currently non-existant “new kingdoms”), it can generally take a year or more to get enough extra copies of an epic to ascend it to a mythic from only having one copy. Your “one copy a month” is about what the numbers say should be happening, and it gets worse as the drop tables become more and more saturated. You actually got a couple copies per mythic draw, so you either got lucky on the Pyggra draws (and/or used mostly Glory Keys) or unlucky on the mythic draws and had to spend an above-average amount of keys. And these numbers get worse for us for every filler troop that enters the drop table, which, at this point, is at least two times per month (invasion, raid) in addition to the normal glory pack cycle.

About event keys, you’ll also notice they are weighted within a certain rarity to whatever the currently glory shop purchase is. So while the chance of an epic from event keys is about 9.6% and there are (currently) seven distinct epic troops in the drop table, the chances of pulling Pyggra after you have rolled an epic are 1 in 9 after that (or 1.07% overall on a given key) because you are three times as likely to pull a Rhynaggor as any other epic, because it is a glory shop purchase this week (by whatever backward logic they still use to justify that decision). So, you needed 11 copies, the average amount of event keys you’d need to spend would be about 1028 event keys. So pretty much right on the money there. You’d get Igneous to mythic at the same pace, if you haven’t done that yet, so that does save you some gems.

It should also be noted that Broken Spire doesn’t really have any relevant star levels available until we get one more troop beyond what we already have to bring us up to 20 total in the kingdom, for ten star. A Broken Spire faction would allow you to hit the troop requirement for 14 star with 22 of 23 total troops at level 20 (so you wouldn’t even need Pyggra maxed here). 15 star requires 24 troops at level 20, which will just be straight impossible very likely until the next Broken Spire event, as none of the doom troops are associated with Broken Spire, we are unlikely to see another mythic here until we get at least one for every kingdom, and bounty troops tend to enter at the tail end of a kingdom event as well. And 15 star is an irrelevant gold boost anyway, with 16 star needing another additional troop for a total of 26, and only 25 of them need to be max ascended. If we do another Broken Spire event, then there might be a relevant star attached to upgrading a troop (maybe even with the promise of another new legendary) and it would be a good time to “catch up”, if you were behind.

So, if you are just after stars, with that many event keys, technically the best plan would have probably been to stick to your original plan after committing to not buying Pyggra to mythic when it was first available (or Igneous, to have also saved gems during that event) and continue to get a slow trickle of copies each month, then a final push with event keys (if necessary) during the next Broken Spire kingdom event, whenever that might be. But you only saved 6000 glory, which can only be converted to 33 event keys or 300 glory keys, other glory packs, and irrelevant junk, so it was more along the lines of not feeding the meter a couple quarters and getting a $50 parking ticket in the mail. This risk cost you easily absorbed since you have a surplus of thousands of event keys, which would be akin to having a connection that could fix the ticket for you. You still only saved basically 50 cents, but it’s something, I guess.

So, realistically, I don’t think it is ever worth not getting a Epic rarity glory pack troop to mythic on the week it is available if you have the means to do so, whether or not you need the traitstones.

I’m mostly saying this to serve as a word of warning for others. The examples you provided for attempting to obtain Epic troops in this manner are an average experience of what you have to go through should you choose to skip the easy acquisition method, and not an edge case. Number of Infernus drops is not typical, either, but that should go without saying.

So, as that was barely tangentially related to the topic, I guess I should comment on the stuff available this week.

The Epic is pretty bad by any player usable standards. I expect to see him show up in stat-scaled content where he can actually take advantage of his kit.

Doomed Club has the unfortunate distinction of being the Doomed weapon that converts out green, with green being targeted by three separate empowered converters, including the one that converts to brown. As such, it is currently a bit harder to accelerate or set up than the Doomed Blade, which can be occasionally set up with a single blue match followed by a red explodestorm. It still has the abjectly terrible 10th upgrade that causes you to lose all your skull hits and extra turns with some degree of frequency, but with this allegedly being addressed in the future, it might still be worth going after enough scrolls for this 10th upgrade, but not pulling the trigger on the upgrade until it is actually changed, as weapon upgrades are completely irreversible (apparently, even for Support staff).


I should definitely state “don’t try this at home”. I’m not giving advice to others at all. This is something I can do/try as an end gamer with all the troops but Zuul’Goth and steady supply of keys coming my way every week. I don’t know if it’s the best approach for me or not… But now that I’ve been playing for over 2 years. I need to do certain things to change up the repetitiveness to make it interesting for me. Usually I only touch event keys once a month.

Maybe its time to deal worldmap into two sections of opening, A and B. If we open keys from section B we will only get troops from kingdoms that is to find from section B. etc

I happen to like that feature and I really wish they applied it to new legendaries too


It would actually make sense for legendaries, but they won’t do it. I saw a post from Nimhain in a thread a while back (I’ll see if I can find it later) something along the lines that they wanted people to be able to target old legendaries, so thats why legendaries aren’t weighted. But the ultra-rares and epics currently in glory packs being weighted 3 to 1 to drops of the same rarity (this was 2 to 1 at some point, it is even worse now) by virtue of them being available to purchase in a glory pack and therefore readily available to literally everyone, even players who have just started, has never made sense to me, because it is counter to the same exact reasoning by making other troops of these same rarities harder to obtain. At best, it saves you a little bit of glory on a week where you are targeting a legendary since you don’t have to buy (as many) glory packs. At worst, it drains a significant amount more event keys while you are attempting to get, well, anything else up to mythic, or even just get a single copy of a troop from the bloated Epic rarity drop table. From the perspective of a newer account attempting to obtain the first copy of a given epic, this is also extremely obnoxious, which I can attest to personally.

Found it:


@Razzagor @Mithran @actreal

Just to put a bow on the matter.

In the week since I used 1k event keys to get Pygga to Mythic. I used 4k seals (got Irongut) and 200 gem keys (daily task for fun).

Not a lot of chests, I admit. But didn’t get a single Pygga out of any of them.

So zero regret about the way I went about it.
This week I did get the glory troop to Mythic because Spirit TS was one of my lowest ones.


Good luck with the Vault event, guys! :smiley:


i need that goose does it lay golden eggs? xD